38 Weeks Pregnant and Getting Closer!

Dear Lil’ J,

I must say this week has been one full of MAJOR mood swings for me. One day I’m so ready for you to come out and ready to take over my new “mommy role” then the next moment I’m totally freaking out wondering what I was thinking.

Don’t you worry little girl, I’ve read these feelings are normal, and I’m going to be just fine when we meet, it’s just scary thinking that the way I’ve experienced and seen life, my entire life will be completely different in a matter of weeks.You are getting so close to coming out too, I can tell. I have just been feeling different lately, it’s hard to explain, it just feels like things are revving up for your big day. Also… This is a little icky (TMI ALERT!), but the mucus plug that blocks you from the outside world, so to speak, came out today! Yep, I was very surprised to see it. It wasn’t what I expected… I pictured one big solid wad of mucus shaped like a cork plug that would go in an over-sized bottle of sparkling cider, but it was nothing like that. It was more like a lot of snot coming out.

(Note to self… Don’t show you this letter until you’re old enough to appreciate these labor-signs and emotional roller coasters.)

Anyway, I caught you on camera last week, FINALLY rolling around in there. You always stop when I get the camera out so I bought an app for my iPhone so I now have video capabilities! You weren’t as rowdy as you can get but I got a little movement here. Don’t mind the background noise, I was watching Forensic Files. Look towards my belly button and you can see your elbow or shoulder or something moving around.

This week you’re about 6.8 lbs… I’m thinking you may be a little bigger, though I can’t picture you being super big just cause it’s hard imagining a full-sized baby in there!

Your eye color is either brown, or maybe grayish. I kind of hope they are gray-looking cause then they can change to one of many colors, and I think you would look so cute with your daddy’s eyes. That’s the first thing I noticed about him!

I’m predicting you’ll decide to come out sometime next week, but I’m still hoping you stick around and come on the 23rd… The day your daddy and I met. Although it would also be pretty cool if you arrived on Father’s Day. What a nice present for your dad that would be! I wouldn’t even have to get him anything else! As long as you come in June (I like that month better than July) we’ll be good. But I don’t think that’ll be a problem.
I wake up every morning wondering if I’m having contractions or if my water broke… Nope and nope. I’m sure I’ll know when it’s for real, but it’s exciting wondering when it’ll happen.

I got so much work done at work this week, I finished the 12 extra stories I was trying to get ahead on for maternity leave and now I feel like I’m more relaxed and ready.

Our bags are packed, your daddy and I will put your car seat in hopefully Monday, the same day the cleaners come over and the same day Snoop is getting cleaned up at the groomers. I’m also going to get a nice relaxing manicure and pedicure that day. I already got my hair done this week! So needless to say, I’m on my way to getting fully pampered for the big day!

Don’t worry, I’m bringing cute stuff for you to wear too, hats and blankets and bows! I can’t wait to dress you up.

Your daddy and I were talking tonight about how we feel about bringing you home. Neither of us are worried about you crying a lot or loosing sleep. I think we just expect it, and are excited for the challenge. Plus, we know it’ll all be worth it.

I’m eager to meet you but not in too much of a rush. Something about knowing you’ll be here in a few weeks regardless makes me content. We’re almost there baby girl! I can’t wait to see your beautiful face.




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Nichole says:

seeing your belly move made me all nostalgic about my pregnancy! it’s awesome that you caught it on camera! (i’m totally doing that next time!)
also, after i lost my mucous plug, it was a matter of days. . . guess time will tell!

Wow I can’t believe that when I started reading your blog you were just trying to get pregnant and now look your only a few weeks or days away from holding that bundle of joy in your arms!!! She is a lucky baby to have a mom like you!

@Home-Mom says:

I have 3 kiddos and preggo with my 4th. These things never get old. Thanks for sharing! Congrats!

Wow, LOL, I was looking at the screen like, okay . . . and then boom, she got to moving. Cute video. Congrats on getting to 38 weeks. Best wishes for the balance of your pregnancy.

tricityty says:

You are all baby! You look great! I bet you are ready for your little one to come!

MsBabyPlan says:

Wow, it was cool to see the movement og Lil J. Wow, well done you nearly there. xxx, MsBabyPlan

I’m so excited for you! It feels like just yesterday I found your blog and you were announcing your pregnancy! It seems to have gone by so fast!

Tori says:

I think it’s so neat you’re still able to wear the same shirt for your belly pics! It won’t be long now! 🙂

Chantel says:

You know, there’s a nerve in your foot that can bring on contractions. What if getting your pedicure is what does it?..lol..

Anytime now she’ll be here! So exciting!!

NO kidding, I think my belly is as big as yours, and I have 12 weeks left!!!!! You’re super tiny and so cute pregnant!!!

I cant wait to see “Lil J!” Shes gunna be a doll!

Also, I agree, dont worry at all about the sleepless nights… it will undoubtedly affect your hubby more in the weeks later… as moms, its what we do. Its like our bodies get used to it, and we can still be super heros without all the sleep! One day we’ll all catch up on our sleep, but until then, we just enjoy being moms and take it as part of the job description!

Alfred says:

Looks like your ready to pop.

Kathryn says:

Aww so soon you will get to meet her! I have been having the same thoughts. One minute I want him to come and the next, I am like ahhhh no!! lol I am due on Tuesday and still have not lost my myucas plug, you are so lucky!! I am hoping they will not have to induce me. Good luck with everything though, and hope she comes soon!

YUMMama says:

Well, it won’t be long now. I’ve never really known anyone to go longer than a week once their mucus plug came out. Mine came out the same morning I went into labor. And don’t be in a terrible rush to put the car seat in. The hospital staff will be nice enough to show you how to install it properly.

My hospital had a special team of experts dedicated to it and it was mandatory that somebody from the team go with you to check out the car seat before you could leave or take off the baby’s security cuff. I felt like I was getting VIP treatment!!!

wow my friend, you are so lucky to have cought that on video. Every time I tried with my son he just stopped, little turd. lol. He does the same thing now, and he’s only 3 weeks old. Too smart for his own good. lol.
Hope you are doing ok, can’t wait to see that angel of yours here safe and sound.

Danielle says:

Watching my babies rumble in my tummy was one of my favorite pastimes. I was lucky to have captured an enormous kick from my son on video and it still craks me up – it was like a PUNCH. One of the best parts of pregnancy in my opinion (except when it hurt, which it did, often, with my son). Enjoy these last few weeks. I know it’s super uncomfortable but one day very soon, you’ll be holding your daughter on the other side of you.

Whitney says:

whoa. love seeing the baby move like that! that’s nuts!!! what a keepsake!!!


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