365 Love Letters X2

I’ve taken and written Lil’ J a year and a half’s worth of love letters. But I don’t think any of them will have quite the impact on her life as the one today.

If you haven’t been following my 365 Moments blog, today would be a good day to catch up (and this partly explains my absense).

I promise to have more updates soon. Like, later today if I’m good. Monday if I’m bad.

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Rose says:

Congratulations!!!!! Super exciting 🙂

Nikki says:

I knew it as I was clicking over to your other site. Congratulations!!! What a blessed time for you and your family.

Jennifer J K says:

Yay! Congratulations!!

Missa says:

Congratulations! I’m due with my 2nd in March 2013. Exciting times 🙂 🙂

Sarah says:

Congratulations! So exciting for you and your family.

Rachel says:

Congratulations! That is awesome; Lil J will be an awesome big sister.

GK says:

Congrats! I know how much you’ve wanted this! 🙂

Em says:

Yay!! Congratulations! I figured that you’re silence might mean you were pregnant!

Kristy says:

Congratulations!!! Lil J is going to love being a big sister!

Big huge congratulations to your family. Lil J will make a fab big sister 🙂

Chelli says:

Congrats!!! We’re all happy for you & your family 🙂

Shelley says:


Sharon says:

Congratulations!!!!!!! I know this an answer to your prayers!! I am so happy for you.

Emily says:

Congratulations!! I was beginning to think this might be why you hadn’t blogged in so long…so happy to hear the great news! Can’t wait to hear all about how things are going.

Kim says:

YAAAAY!!! CONGRATS!!! We’re due with baby #2 the beginning of March, and I can tell you that we are already having sooooo much fun telling our two-year-old daughter all about the baby in Mama’s belly. 🙂 Excited to hear more updates!!

Sydney says:

Im soooo excited for you guys! I’ve been following you from the very beginning and I have loved watching your blog and your family grow!!!

Nicole says:

OMG JEN!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

Ivy says:


rose white says:

Congratulations! I’m so excited for you. I know Lil J will be the best big sister ever. Be Blessed!

Andrea says:

I am so happy for you

So glad I didn’t miss this! I’ve been M.I.A from your blog:( So happy for you guys. Are you gonna find out what you’re having this time or make it a surprise? Congrats! Can’t wait for pregger updates!

Dei says:


Yay! Yay! Yay!

Now whew… I don’t have to worry about spilling the beans by accident in a comment 🙂

Chelsea says:

Congratulations! That’s fantastic! How did you share the news with your hubby?

Natalie says:

CONGRATS!! I knew it! And BTW! WE are due the same month!! What day in April are you due? I’m due April 9th!

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