365 Love Letters Weeks 21-23

It’s party time! Lil’ J’s birthday isn’t for another week but we are having her party today (Saturday). My family came into town and we shopped all afternoon getting the items to bring my party back to it’s bug theme, and away from the ghetto fabulous theme it was turning into.

I may be away from my computer for the next few days as we celebrate and recuperate, but I’ll post photos of the party as soon as possible. I’ve never planned a birthday party before, so it won’t be as elaborate and pretty as many of the first birthday parties I’ve seen other moms pull off, but I’m sure Lil’ J will love it, and that’s what matters most.

While I’m gone I leave you with the past couple weeks of 365 love letter photos that I’ve been hiding from you. Kidding… I just haven’t had time to upload them all. Thanks again for letting me share these with you. It’s back to party organizing for me! Wish me luck!!

Headband from: The Simple Little Things
Romper from: MoRiginal Designs; Headband: Homemade
Rufflebum Onesie from: Sumos Sweet Stuff; Leg Warmers from Happy Crawlers (use code “BABYMAKINGFRIENDS” for 10% off)
Reversable Dress: Monkey and Friends; Zipper Headband: Bebe Rose
Onesie dress and matching headband: Sumos Sweet Stuff

Pettiromper (they are actually shrots): BNB Boutique
Dress from Adelaide’s Boutique
Pettiskirt from Halo Heaven; Bow from Elliana’s Princess Bowtique
Tutu and Tube Top From: Pink Kisses Couture; Boots via Ebay
Pink Pettiromper from BNB Boutique; Flower Hat: Homemade

Dress from Jean to Fashion; Bow from Shelby’s Sweet Bows
Headband from Filigree and Flowers
Dress from Un Petite Chou; Headband: Homemade

emily says:

Thank you for sharing! I hope you all have a great time at the party. Happy birthday, Lil’ J! 🙂

Happy Birthday Lil J!

Camjay says:

Love #162 🙂

Camjay says:


I love love love these!!!

Megan says:

LOVE 171. What a great picture!

Ciara Denise says:

This is sooo beautiful! I’ve given you an award!! Check it out http://www.CcDenise.com

Angie says:

These are great. I like the one with the teddy bear best.
I can’t wait to see pictures of her party. We did Jay’s Monster birthday party on Saturday too and I posted about it on my blog.

I’m new to your blog and think your Love Letter idea is absolutely adorable. And the pictures! Oh my. I want to remember to do this with my [future] children.

I see your bucket list has “swim with dolphins” on it. Please check out the documentary The Cove before you do this. http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/cove/ I’m no animal rights activist by any means, but this really got me thinking.

Happy Blogging!

I know I’m late, but I hope everyone had fun celebrating. This posting was very touching 🙂

maddy says:

Beautiful pics..These are absolutely gorgeous! What a steal. Love your work!


melifaif says:

Man o man!!! You blew me outta the water with all of these. I had some favorites….but the list just kept growing. Wow, Jenn. You are so talented. And Lil J….just amazing!!!!

melifaif says:

Oh, p.s. CANNOT wait to see the party pics!!!

MS Templates says:

Very nice pics!! I am amazed at the beauty of childs..

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