365 Love Letters Week 47

This was the week we went to Vegas for Thanksgiving then came home and set up our tree (Day 330), so a few photos with my family are in this bunch.

My favorite of this week is probably day 326. Love the old/young contrast. The light was low and they were moving a lot so it wasn’t totally in focus, but I’m still glad I captured it.

She laughed at the garland this year, just like she did last year. Bow from London Blue Designs. I made the dress.
She grabbed the doll in a day after Thanksgiving sale and wouldn’t put it down for days.
Best pie EVER! I love to eat it. Need to learn to make it.
She was a MESS. Notice how she took my spoon!
My great-grandfather. He’s 92.
She’s feeding my little sister. She’s 6 and she LOVES her niece.
Out in the yard playing in another mommy-made outfit. Feeling fall festive.

Olusola says:

Love, love, love day 326. The magic of those two beautiful people is priceless. Happy new year Jennifer

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