365 Love Letters Week 46

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Thank you SO SO much for your sweet comments on my project. I’m trying to finish editing and uploading the last several weeks by Saturday night. Your words are keeping me going.

My favorite photo this week is probably Day 323 or 317 but my favorite advice is Day 320. I heard Michelle Duggar say this on the Today Show about her kids and it all totally makes sense to me now. I hope I can explain this to my daughter as she gets older and that she’ll understand what I mean.

Shoes from Cambria Laine. Leg Warmers from Lil Snugglies by Val
This picture came out crappy, I think I have a better version on my phone that I’ll have to re-edit later but you get the idea.
Concept borrowed from Michelle Duggar. I LOVE how she’s smelling the flowers here.
Normally she’s in this chair rocking away but I took this after her bed time.
She has bokoo tutus. I need to re-purpose the tulle.
… This advise needs to be kept within reason. Cute outfit from Morigional Designs.

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  1. She is going to seriously cherish these when she is all grown up! Such a precious idea. Now you will have to do it for number 2 as well! I would love to see your very first 365 photo along with the last one you take just to see how much Lil J has grown!

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