365 Love Letters Week 44

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Several photos I took in week 44 were with my iPhone. But these moments needed to be captured and my camera wasn’t close by.

Day 309 is my favorite despite it being grainy and not the best quality. I also love Day 306 and 307. Yes, she wore the same dress twice in a week. I love it that much. Link to the boutique below the photo. I’d love to know your favorite from this week if you have one!

Love these two. She’s all Daddy’s girl before bedtime.
Not sure why she decided to lay on the ground but I snapped the photo cause she was looking cute.
This is advice for me too.
I introduced her to the iPod. Now she loves to listen to music and movies with my headphones.
We found a pond at the botanical gardens and she of course HAD to put her feet in. Water sign girl. Dress from Adelaide’s.
I made her costume. We were trick-or-treating around her school.
She also enjoyed the lion. No elephants at the Austin zoo though. We’ll have to try another soon. Dress from Adelaide’s Boutique.

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