365 Love Letters Week 43

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My little girl inspires me so much. It’s amazing watching her discover the world around her. This week of photos sorta focused on that unintentionally. She has so much spunk and she’s quite curious. I can’t believe I only have a couple more days of photos to capture. Looking back at these photos I took months ago has made me realize I need to make these last few really good! I have an idea for the last day, I just hope I can pull it off.

I hope you enjoy this weeks compilation! My favorites are probably day  299 and 300, but what I tell her in day 297’s letter is the epitome of how I feel about her and straight from the heart.

We were practicing for trick-or-treating.
Asleep after an afternoon of playing with mommy.
We were putting together her new bike. Full story coming soon.
She loves this kitty. This was just another day outside but I love how this photo came out.
I will keep sticking her in buckets as long as she fits.
I honestly feel this way about my daughter. I imagine most moms do.
Mommy made this fall dress for her. My second ever.

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