365 Love Letters Week 42

Week 42 was a good week for photos. It’s hard to choose a favorite. Probably 294 or 290, but the daddy/daughter one I love too.

It was all fun and games until she face planted. Poor thing.
She loves to cop a squat right on our front door and sort of run from me to this spot. Love this giggle face.
Found this when I went to get some foil.
Love painting her toes. She loves it too.
She totally left him hanging here.
First Popsicle from the ice cream man.
Just hanging out in the kitchen while I attempt to cook.

Jessica says:

I love the kiss one! That’s the face I see EVERY time I try to get some sugar…I get no love unless it’s boob time lol.

Mariana says:

She is sooo cute!!!

p.s. – Great blog!

Sharon says:

Lil’J will have these lovely sayings to treasure as long as she lives. On another note: She is you twin!!!! Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I know this is probably like a second (third) job and can get tiring at times. But some of your musings have brought smiles, laughter, and an occasional “hmmmmmm” to my life. I look forward to your adventures in sewing and parenting.

KIKA says:

LOL I LOVE the father daughtrer one! 😀

melifaif says:

Love em all….so sweet.

I love her little toes. So cute. And mom, you are awfully cool to allow all that popsicle mess! 🙂

soldier says:

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