365 Love Letters Week 41

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As promised. I’ll be sharing what I’ve been up to with these the rest of the year. Here’s Week 41. It was obviously much warmer then. My favorite of this week may be 282 or 285.

On a walk with the whole fam. That hot booty belongs to my husband.
Totally staged during a modeling shoot, but she was loving the sucker prop!
We were playing peek-a-boo/ hide and seek and I was hiding behind this tree. You can see half of it in this shot.
I caught her while she was sneaking a peek at the neighbor’s cat. Notice the tie she’s wearing? She loves ties!
We took a trip to UT campus and I snapped this photo while she was being admired by passerbys.

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  1. Awww Jenn these just get better and better! Still trying to figure out a 365 for 2012 now that I have my DSLR. We’ll see, but you and adorable Lil J provide great inspiration! BTW Nia loves her daddy’s ties too. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. So so sweet. I love reading these every time you post. I keep thinking I should definitely do something like this for my kiddos. Whatta fantastic idea!

  3. She has grown so big and is also relaxed in front of cameras. Ain’t you a proud mama!!!
    Visiting you from AFRICAN BLOGGERS COMMUNITY (also for non-Africans).

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