365 Love Letters Week 40

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Here’s another week of photos I took but got behind on posting. As you can tell, these are all days pre-Halloween. My favorite is definitely 276 but I love 275 too. And 281 took me a few tries to get a rain drop splashing. Which do you like most?

Also, side note, I can finally share that I am a new blogger for BabyCenter’s Momformation blog. I’ll be posting over there twice a week so if you can’t get enough of me here, check me out there. My introduction post tells is about never saying never in regards to what you won’t do in motherhood. I share an embarrassing incident Lil’ J and I had recently which I hadn’t gotten around to posting about here yet. Hope you’ll read and pass along!


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  1. My favorite is Day 278. The fact that its a little unfocused reminds me that God always has us in focus. Can you link to the post where you first introduced the love letters.

    I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask. Are you going to bind the letters together at the end of a year or do something else with them?

  2. Amazing and Absolutely beautiful in every way! I also was told that Costco prints blogs – if you decide to make a book.
    Either way, it’s incredible the tools that are available in this day and age. And…a priceless way to document a precious life!
    Thanks for such a positive blog! We love having you on our list and are reminding all to grab our button if they want to remain on the list. Follow-us by e-mail too if you want updates and/or to be spotlighted at some point! Thanks much!!! Heidi G. MormonMomsWhoBlog.blogspot.com

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