365 Love Letters Week 39

It’s November! Eek! Today is Day 307 but since I’ve been forgetting to share these on my blog I’m catching up here. I’ll probably post Week 40 in a couple of days. It seems like these were taken so long ago, and I blogged about some of these events… Feeding the ducks, going to the zoo. Lil’ J just loves being out and about and I love taking her with me.

My favorite is probably day 269 or 272 but I also love the colors that came out on the ducks feathers in 268. I’m trying to do more experimenting with black and white editing. Just wait until you see one of my all time favorite photos in Week 40! Which do you like best in this bunch?


moko says:

Day 273 is my favorite!

Faith says:

So beautiful! Loving her curls!

I like day 269 quote 🙂

Gorgeous! 272 & 273 are my favorites. I miss when my little one’s hands had little dimples in them like that… *sigh*. 🙂

YUMMommy says:

Love the Martin Luther King Jr quote.

toi says:

All of them are so cute :). But I LOVE 272, for the pose and colours :)!

So love reading these! 🙂

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