365 Love Letters Week 31

I pulled an all-nighter and am ready to crash. If you did a Love Letter photo this week put your link in the comments and I’ll add it to the linky when I wake up in a bit. I love most all of the letters this week, but my favorite is probably easy to pick out…

Dress from Sumos
Bow from Peyton’s Blossom
Knot Dress from Lollibug Boutique
Bow from Izzy Diane’s Bowtique; Pants via Walmart
Angel Costume from Sammi Cole Couture
Bow from Izzy Diane’s Bowtique

Which is your favorite?

Anonymous says:

I love all your pictures. Was wondering what kind of camera do you have??

That angel outfit is just too much! I love it!

Elaine says:

Aww…all of them are soo cute..but it’s a match between 230 and 232. By the way, she looks so much like you in the bucket! cute!

My fav is the piggy bank! That is so creative! All of these 365 love letters are amazing!

Iiona says:

awww, I really enjoy the angel one! I already have the wings now I need to get the dress/skirt to match 🙂

Thank you!! Anonymous, I use a canon rebel XS. 🙂

Anonymous says:

how did daycare go?!

I love the last one! It is a lesson that I have to re-learn every day!

Faith says:

you take the most incredible pictures! wow, you have some talent!

love these love letters to your daughter!

YUMMommy says:

Too cute! Love the advice in the first & last pics.

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