365 Love Letters Week 19

These 365 photos are totally second nature now and the hardest part is narrowing down the photo of the day I like best. I hope you’ll like what I came up with this week. A special thanks to all of you who commented with suggestions for Day 146. I adapted the suggestion from Kelly. So thanks Kelly! And everyone else! I’ll be saving your suggestions to use later!

Many people have asked me to share the settings I’m using on my camera when I take each photo, and what I’m using to edit with. I’m not shy about it at all. I’ve started uploading this information under each photo on my facebook page if you’re curious.

it’s hard to choose a favorite this week but I was probably most proud of 147 because she kept taking the glasses off before I could snap the photo. I seriously have about 15 photos of her playing with my glasses. They are all super cute but my friend helped me choose that photo as the photo of the day.

Which is your favorite?

Satin hair clip from Chloe and Maude; Ballet legwarmers from Happy Crawlers

I get tired of hearing people say “I can’t do…” When really they just don’t want to. Which is ok, but just say you don’t want to.

Dress from Polo Ralph Lauren (via Ebay); Hair bow from Loop Leigh Loop; Mommy’s glasses from Claire’s

Wonder why she’s smiling in most of her photos? It’s because I wear some kind of sunglasses. When I take them off and on she busts up laughing. I’m not sure why, probably because she can see herself in the reflection.

Playdate with a friend. She was born two days before I found out I was pregnant.

Lush Bowband from Little Star Sweeper Boutique

My attempt at being Anne Geddes-like. Not the most creative but still a cute shot.

Reverse Knot Dress from Lollibug Boutique

I’m not sure why, but she loves to hang her leg over the side of things. her car seat, the stroller, and her high chair.

Butterfly bow from Cutie Patoody

First time at the pool with the whole family. Couldn’t NOT bring my camera. (Husband forbade me to post any pictures of him shirtless).

Once again, smacking her piano.

And here’s my Etsy find of the week. I love unique bows. The more unique, the better. So when I found this zipper bow from Bebe Rose Designs I had to buy it! The store owner has offered to do a giveaway of one for my readers too. (She has lots of colors.)
Everyone who comments on this post will be entered to win one. If you “befriend” Bebe Rose on Facebook leave another comment for an extra entry.

*Thanks Bebe Rose for sponsoring this giveaway!

I love them all. Days 143 and 144 are probably my faves from this chunk. I love that her ornery faces are becoming even more prevalent. Such a funny girl. 🙂

Kelly says:

Yay! So happy I could help 🙂 I love all the pictures from this week.

Thanks again Kelly! And as soon as I get back to my computer I’ll link you! I totally forgot at 2am 🙂

heather says:

Wow, that bow is awesome! I seriously love all these letters you are doing. I kind of wish I would have done the same thing for my kids.

What a gorgeous girl you have! I actually found your blog because I was googling baby making to see if my own blog came up, and I saw that you’re trying for twins? Maybe you *were* trying for twins? (I wasn’t totally clear.)
But I have twins, and they’re awesome.
Anyway, check out my similarly titled blog: 🙂

LiciaLee says:

I love the flower pot one. Def my FAVE. Now I need a giant flower pot for my LO. LOL

Day 144 is my favorite! So funny how she puts her leg up like that! And who doesn’t need more bows?!

erin says:

I love the one at the dinner table. My little girl does that EVERYWHERE!! So cute. And I love the zipper flower too. I’ve found there’s a few colors I’m short on, so I could use one!!

erin says:

And I like Bebe Rose on facebook. So many cute things!

Angie says:

Love the zipper bow.. So gorgeous and yeah unique too.Would be nice to win. My two fav. would be days 147 and 144.

Angie says:

Befriended Bebe Rose on facebook.

amazing photographs she is such a little beauty from sheila at http://prematurebaby.info

my fav is probably the Anne Geddes but I love the message of day 148. Good job Jen!

oh and I definitely friended Babe Rose Designs on Facebook. I LOVE her work!

Tiffany says:

Your daughter is beautiful & I LOVE the bow!

Tiffany says:

I liked bebe rose on facebook!

Em says:

Love the sunglasses! 🙂

Em says:

Added her on FB

Jamie says:

I love 142 because we have a piano and my daughter loves to play it, banging the keys, making her own “music”!

Tiffany LaCourse says:

To tell you the truth, I love everyone single one of them. I can’t choose just one! lol


Tiffany LaCourse says:

I am friends with bebe rose on FB


jennikah says:

I love your blog and your photographs ! I put head bands and bows on my little girl everyday. My family always makes fun of me 🙂 But I love it and I like to believe she likes them too 😉 Ella is only 3.5 months tehe.

jennikah says:

AND !! I also added her as a friend 🙂

Shakeena says:

Love the pictures & I’m in love with the bow. Fingers crossed!

YUMMommy says:

Love the flower pot shot.

Michelle says:

I love your blog!!

They’re all so cute, you can’t pic a favorite! 🙂

Michelle says:

Love love your post this week!!

I requested to be BeBe Rose’s friend on FB. 🙂

Keshia says:

I’m building a bow stash for my baby girl due in Oct. This would be great 😀

Paula says:

I love all the pictures but #146 I really like.


Day 147 for sure is my fav! Love the zipper bow too! So cute!!

FYP Designs says:

I love all your photos. Lil J is the cutest.

Love all the pics! Love the bow too!

Seana says:

Day 148 is my favorite!! Not only does lil J look GORGEOUS (oh my goodness can not get over how much I love her hair!)But the saying is perfect and I agree 100%!

Day 147 of course is my fave!!!!

A says:

Love #146! And what a cute bow!

Love the pic of you two together. Moms don’t get enough pics with their babies ; ) And that bow is way cool.

melifaif says:

Oh.my.word. Day # 145….that’s all I can say!

Heidi says:

Love the zipper bow! I actually just saw these on etsy the other day and have been thinking about getting one!!

froggy_Luver at hotmail dot com

Mrs Scratch says:

Oh my gosh…that bow is ridiculously cute!

Ali says:

I love your creativity…I wish I was that good!

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