365 Love Letters Week 17

This week was insanely busy. My blog has been put on the back burner because of work, exhaustion, and a new hobby… Which I’ll probably delve more into later this week but I bet you could guess it. I also have a post coming about Number Two. Watch out!

First off, Happy Mother’s Day! This is my first one! My baby and hubby surprised me with breakfast and the first season of Glee (love that show!). I only got to watch one episode before running off to work but I hadn’t seen it, or about half of the first season before, so it’ll be nice to fill my addiction while I wait for Tuesdays to roll around.

I haven’t taken my Mother’s Day 365 photo yet but I’m hoping I’ll be able to take one with her before she goes to bed tonight.

I hope you like this weeks photos as much as I did! Day 124 I drew a blank on the advice I was looking for so asked for suggestions on facebook and Wendy and RaNette gave me the perfect phrase for it (and if you two have blogs let me know and I’ll link you here!). It gave me an idea to maybe have you all help me write them once a week if you want.

Anyway, here’s my love letters of the week. Also, for commenting on this post you’re entered in a giveaway for some hair clippies from Cutie Patoodie. I have addiction to these buggy bows. I bought 12 and she sent an extra pair of Bubble Bee ones (seen in Day 125). Just leave a comment and you’re entered, but it would also be nice if you like her on facebook. You get an extra entry if you do. (I have to draw and announce like a million winners for the giveaways to the right. I’m going to try to get on that tonight on my FB page).

University of Texas tutu and bow from For Your Princess Designs


Butterfly clippies from Cutie Patoody


Bumble Bee Hair Clippies from Cutie Patoody
Bubble dress and hair bow from Sumos Sweet Stuff
Red, blue, green, orange crochet dress and bow from Crochet Play (mention my blog and get 2 free headbands with a dress order)

And I’m just now realizing for the first time that she’s wearing the same outfit twice. I’m a horrible mother. But to my credit, it’s an adorable dress, and it barely fits. We’re getting our wear while we can.

Kim says:

She is just so beautiful! Love the pics and the outfits, even if one is in there twice, LOL. I would probably not have noticed!

Jenn says:

I love all her photos! SO cute!

hahaha. I LOVE Day 122. That’s so darn cute!

toi says:

Is she walking? She look so busy in the fridge :)! So cute and adorable as always.

So cute!! Happy Mothers Day!!!

Hahaha! I did not even notice that she was wearing the same dress twice – but it’s adorable and thus, bears repeating. Happy Mother’s Day!

mmc67 says:

LOL love the Fridge

andria21 says:

She always has the most unique and beautiful outfits on! LOVE IT!

Mrs Scratch says:

She is so stinkin’ cute…and you’re really a good photographer.

Camjay says:

Always look forward to these 😉

Heidi says:

Absolutely adorable!! I love the crochet top dress! Was wondering where the white and yellow striped dress came from…that one is super cute too!!

YUMMommy says:

Midnight snacks might not be good on the thighs but when you’re this cute who cares!! LOL. Wow, your little lady has grown up so fast!

Quiana says:

The fridge one is hilarious! Love those chubbzy thighs =D

Mrs. K says:

These are so adorable. Lil J looks so much like you

andria21 says:

She always has the most unique and beautiful outfits on! LOVE IT!

mmc67 says:

LOL love the Fridge

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