365 Love Letters Week 1


Sophia says:

I love this, I may have to join you!

Lauren says:

Jen! They’re great! They’re funny and sweet and someday she is going to cherish those. Once the year is up you can always use one of those online photo print sites and make a book out of them. Very cute. Keep it up!

Super cute! and super sweet idea!! i love them so far. Cant wait to see how your project unfolds!

DesignerSam says:

this is SO awesome… I’m totally inspred

Samaria says:

This is beautiful and made me smile!

Sandy says:

Lovely. Those are such sweet notes. I am sure she will cherish them dearly when she grows up. 🙂

What an awesome idea and you’ve done a beautiful job! I am going to attempt to do something 365 too just not sure what.

Beth says:

I love this. The photos are amazing and I love the messages you included. She is going to think this is perfect when she is 18. Good luck with the project!

What lovely photos! Good luck with the project!

Breanna says:

I’m going to agree with everyone else: beautiful, she’ll love this and I’m inspired! I saw your page for this a couple days ago and have been contemplating starting this myself. I’ve always wanted to do SOMETHING like this for both my kids. I guess there’s no better time to start than the present 🙂

Toni says:

I am in tears…so precious!!!

Wow the photos are amazing! such a beautiful idea. What camera do you use?

Mary Michal says:

I just love this!! It’s such a sweet idea. Your little lady will love getting these one day…maybe as a wedding gift?

Sarah says:

I love this idea! I know your daughter is going to really appreciate these one day. I’d like to try something similar. I don’t know about everyday though.

YUMMama says:

Awww….how cute. I’m trying to blog 365 but I’ve already missed a few days. I do keep a journal for Moo that I write in everyday but I’ve been doing that sine she was born now. Looking forward to reading what kind of advice you give J.

This is perfect. I often try and get my mom to tell me stories in detail about her thoughts as a mother raising me and being a wife but I can’t never get the details I am looking for to learn from. Great way to capture your thoughts for your daughter real time so you can share them one day. I guarantee you all will have priceless moments reading them together.

Steff says:

Aww Day 6 brought tears to my eyes! It’s beautiful, and i love the fact that’s it’s her chubby little fingers holding the frame!

Gramee says:

this brought tears to my eyes, I love it all..

Jen, this is beautiful! It made me cry.

Krista says:

I love this idea! Day 6 made me tear up, and day 8 made me laugh out loud! I can really relate!

I LOVE this idea! Can’t wait to see your project unfold! 🙂

Erin Marie says:

I love the idea!

I wouldn’t put the book away until she’s older. I’d let her look through it any time she wanted. I’d also get a couple copies because you know they are going to be well-loved and well-loved books don’t last forever.

alli says:

These are so sweet! Love this idea!

Becca says:

I love this idea. I think Iphone photos will be just as special.

Konrad says:

Omg these are SO cute!

Darcy says:

This is soooo the sweetest idea! I got a little teary eyed as I read these little notes (love letters). i think this idea will get copied A LOT! Thanks for sharing your experiences, I love reading your blog.

Jess says:

I am so so so glad you have kept up with this! Keep it up!

Oh my gosh! This is such a great idea. And these photos are priceless. I love that with each photo, you share something with her — be it a lesson, something about your family history, or how you feel about life… and her. This is awesome.

Oh, and ditto on the cooking thing. I’m not a cook either, but slowly and surely, I am learning for my son. 🙂

Amber C says:

I love your day 6 photo! That’s so cute! I wish more parents felt that way. I’m white and my husband is black and my family sure did have a hard time at first!

Nina says:

happy to see im not alone! i also started doing a 365 photo project on the 1st. mine is just pictures. Love the fact that you have added words and some lovvely styling to yours 🙂

Anonymous says:

This is amazing! What a great idea and gift for your daughter! And I think if you can, keep up the prettiness of them, it will really make them special!! 🙂

Oh I love this idea!!!

Shannon says:

oh these are ADORABLE! i just might steal this idea!

Anonymous says:

What a wonderful inspiration! Help a non-techie…how do I add the text over the photo?? Thanks, awesome blog!!!!!


Thanks for your kind words! I use Photoshop to add the words Candice. But sometimes I’m not on my laptop all day so I’ll use an iPhone app called ArtStudio to do it all. Enjoy!! 🙂

LOVE THESE!!! What editing software did you use to amp up these photos and add text? Can you please visit my blog and let me know? THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for getting back to me so quick!! I do have photoshop but am not savvy with it : /

allisa says:

Now I HAVE to get photoshop for once the baby’s here! I LOVE this idea! And putting the words on the pictures is a fabulous idea!

love these!! wish i would’ve thought of this!

Celeste says:

I adore this post, Jenn!!

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