365 Love Letters Day 365!

I wanted my last photo of the year to capture all three of us. I had taken all 364 photos before this one so I wanted to be the one to take the last photo too. I propped the camera on her changing table, set the settings, then use my wireless remote trigger.

I thought the message was perfect for wrapping up the project and how I (we) feel about her.

Some FAQs answered about my project…

I DO plan to print these into a book for my daughter.

I DO want to do it for my next child.

YES, I will be doing a similar photo project for 2012 but it’s going to be different, much bigger, and not on this blog. I’ll give you more details soon. For now, I’ll leave you with my final Project 365 Love Letter of 2011.

Happy New Year!

Kimberly says:

This is absolutely beautiful! Happy New Year to you and your family!

Nik says:

Brava! So sweet! Happy New Year to your beautiful family.

I love this picture. What a lovely idea!

YUMMommy says:

Aww…love it. I started my 366 project today.

Sharon says:

What a beautiful gift you have given your daughter and family…..I’m a fan. Also, I’ve been enjoying watching you sew and create! You’ve inspired me to pick up my needles again.

what a sweet idea, I love your blog

toi says:

I enjoyed reading and watching your photos. I am so excited for your photography projects :).

I hope you don’t mind, but you inspired me… and I am snatching this idea for my own blog (with proper credit where credit is due, of course). I really enjoyed following your blog last year and reading all the letters to your little girl – each and every one was beautiful. Thank you for being an inspiration!

Wendy* says:

This is PERFECTION. What a sweet way to end the project. I must say, though, I kinda wish Snoop was in the pic…I guess it would’ve been a tad hard to keep him still for the shot so maybe have a framed photo of him in the background? LOL Still beautiful though. xo

Temitayo Akinshilo says:

I have got to figure out a way to get this picture of me and my crew. Only thing is I’d have to do a separate picture with each kid. I don’t like pictures of me or dad “choosing” a kid, if that makes sense. It would have to be me and dad with each kid. Love those baby cheeks, my daughter gets pulverized with cheeky kisses alllll day.

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