30 things I want to do before I’m 30

Lately I’ve been feeling like I need to check myself. Do a life evaluation about where I am, what goals I’ve reached, and where I want to be. I’m extremely happy with my life and feel overwhelmingly blessed. I can’t help but feel like I’m capable of being and doing so much more, considering. I want to be extraordinary. I want my kids to see me being extraordinary, and I want to inspire them to dream big.

This is a list in progress. I haven’t thought of all my 30 by 30 tasks yet, because I want them to be something that truly mean something to me, and realistic to accomplish in the next 28 months. I have other, more lofty and holistic goals for my family on my dream boards. This 30 by 30 list is about accomplishments for myself.

Some of these items have been on “my list” since before I had my first child, and remained before my second. Now, it’s do or die before I’m 30.

I’ll already be crossing off one tomorrow… Running in my first 5K alongside a great friend. Hopefully I’ll add photos and/or links to updates as I complete these goals.

Here is my list in progress:

Find a dish that can be “my specialty” and master it
Learn a language<– In progress
Produce an award-winning story
Visit a place I can practice the language I’ve learned
Finish writing my book
Run a 5K
Take my family to Disney World <— Planned for February 2015!
Share my testimony with a stranger
Fully embrace my curly hair
Sew something for myself
Take a ballroom dance class<— Hip hop!
Get life insurance
Do something awesome (indoor skydiving!)
Swim the length of a pool
Test drive my dream car
Learn a new handy skill
Take a creative writing class
Celebrate my 10th anniversary in a phenomenal way
Take a helicopter ride
Make a business plan
Attend a career conference
Organize all of my digital photos
Grow something edible or really pretty
Go on a gettaway for myself
Throw a fancy party
Give a speech at an event
Learn to play piano
Go zip lining
Visit Hawaii <— Planned for January 2015!
Start an IRA

(No, skydiving)<— actually we went indoor skydiving. SCORE!

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Nova Scotia says:

Awesome list. Search Beads, Braids and Beyond on fb! Tons of curly hair info and lots of women in the same boat as you! Me, I can’t really relate, but I’m the proud mom of a VERY curly haired bi-racial daughter just a few months older than yours (think tiny tight spirals which turn into a fro at the slightest touch lol) and this group, as well as the related closed chat group has been an infinite source of information for me!

ashley says:

Those sound like exciting thing to accomplish. I would love it if I could have a book published by 30!

Mari Corona says:

Yes go for it! Look forward to your shares on how you coming along with that list 🙂

Julie says:

So awesome! I’ve been drafting a 30 by 30 list, as well. Loved reading your ideas.

Moonsparkle says:

This is a good idea. 🙂 I’ve got a Life List that I started just over 4 years ago. I’ve accomplished some of the things on it but still got lots to go, it has over 100 items, lol. I thought about doing some sort of list or project before I turn 30 but I don’t think I’ll do a 30 by 30 list myself because it’s only just under 6 months till my birthday and I think it will be too much pressure for me! lol. Good luck with yours. 🙂

Sabina says:

Ooh I’d love to hear your testimony

Priscilla says:

What a great idea!!

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