26 Years Young

Wow, I’ve been away from here for a minute. Sorry about that ya’ll. Things got busy this week. Saturday I celebrated my 26th birthday and I think it’s the age I’ve decided to stay at forever. You now how women say they’re forever 21, well I want to be forever 26.

25 and 26 don’t seem much different except I just have a weird sense of “woah I’m closer to 30 than I am to 20 now” that’s strange.

The past few years I’ve totally downplayed my birthday and it was one of those things that when it came up like “oh when’s your birthday?” and I’d be like “last week.” I just didn’t really do anything for it or celebrate it much. Then a few days later I’d be like “man I shoulda milked that more huh?”

So this year I decided to milk it for all that I could. Starting the eve of my birthday when I requested pizza for dinner. Then stayed up until 4am watching romantic comedies like While You Were Sleeping and Ever After. In fact, I was awake when my alarm for work went off at 3:30am, but luckily I had taken the day off.

I spent the morning volunteering with friends from work to build a wheelchair ramp for a woman who needed one, but couldn’t afford to have one built. There’s a great nonprofit called The Texas Ramp Project that does these every weekend all over the state. It felt good to do something special on my special day.

One of my friends even brought cupcakes for my birthday (Thanks Bonnie!). She’s got the random act of kindness thing down pat!

After that, I spent the rest of the day with my two favorite people.

My husband and Lil’ J surprised me with a gift card for an 80 minute massage. My husband said he requested the most relaxing package they had, and got that for me. He’s such a sweetheart. Can’t wait to cash in on that!

We went to the park and took Lil’ J to play on the playground. I wanted to go canoeing but someone had the nerve to leave a body under one that morning so umm… They were closed for the day. So we just skipped rocks (a hidden talent I didn’t know my husband was good at) and walked along the trail.

After that we went to dinner at Freddies, which is one of my favorite local restaurants cause they have a little playground outside, you can bring your pup and order them a doggy burger, and usually they’ll have a band or movie going too. Lil’ J played some more, and I gave the stink-eye to crazy kids that kept throwing rocks around. Yea, that’s the day I learned I’m going to be one of those moms who totally says something to a kid when their mom doesn’t, and that kid is acting a fool. That day I took the higher road (I think?) and walked away.

I didn’t have cake but we made chocolate covered strawberries. My favorite dessert. And Lil’  chowed down on those with me. And after both of them went to bed (they can’t hang like I can). I watched Planet of the Apes while pigging out some more. (I know, weird movie choice, but I’d been wanting to see that movie forever.)

Sunday I worked and today I’m off again. I just put Lil’ J down for a nap and I have a to-do list a mile long. Photo editing, cleaning, assembling her Power Wheels toy she got for Christmas (I know I’m bad, I can’t believe I haven’t finished this yet), and hopefully thrift shopping for a jogging stroller.

I’m hoping there are some more MLK activities going on this evening because I’d love to go out as a family and celebrate.

Did you have a good week?

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  1. Oh yes honey! I am THAT mom. Already had to “intervene” I like to call it. Who throws sand, seriously!?! Ha. Anyway – happy belated chica. All that sounds stellar to me, so CHEERS!

  2. Happy Birthday! Chocolate covered strawberries are way better than cake any day of the week.

    {Hmm… I might have to claim that as my first true pregnancy craving and ask my hubby to make me some!}

  3. Happy birthday jenn! Chocolate covered strawberries R the go to anniversary food for us! So good! Word to the wise on the stroller… A swivel wheel makes all the difference. And most you can lock forward too but it’s a pain when it’s locked forward permanently since no path or sidewalk is actually totally straight. And bob revOlution is my personal favorite. 🙂 if u get lucky u can find one on Craigslist!

  4. Happy birthday!

    Do you ever have those moments when you realize that someone is your age when you totally thought they were older? I feel like I’m still stuck in 18-19yrs old mode? Anyway, I turn 26 in Sept and was surprised you weren’t a couple years older than me. I just assume everyone is. Except for those 18-20 yr olds. I feel like they’re my age. Denial much? LOL

    Also, I SO would have said something if kids were throwing rocks at my kids. And been mean about it (as mean as I am to my kids, I mean). Throwing rocks towards property that can be damaged? I’d have said something simple and not mean. Otherwise? My kids would probably have joined in. Yeah, I’m THAT mom. 😉

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I tried to stay at 26 too but ended up just forgetting how old I was after 25 anyways. lol Glad you had such a great day…and kudos for the spa trip… nice!!

    P.s. Tag! You’re it! Check out my bio for details! (It’s a fun blog game!)http://lovelacefiles.blogspot.com/2012/01/tag-im-it.html

  6. Happy birthday!! I can’t believe I didn’t know you were younger than I am. For some reason I thought you were older, but I guess I always figured people cooler than I am are older than I am. 🙂 Well I guess that doesn’t hold water anymore. hehe

  7. Happy belated birthday! Looks like it was wonderful =) About Planet of the Apes, was it Rise of the Planet of the Apes? We saw that on the plane back from Nigeria and now we call Nia Caesar. Is that mean??? LOL! We enjoyed the movie!

  8. I forgot our birthdays were so close together. I turned 28 on the 5th of January. I had my maternity photo shoot, and just posted pics of it on fb and my blog. Check em out if you get the chance.

  9. I meant to post a comment the day I read this but never got around to it. Whoops! 😀 You asked if you looked older because so many people thought you were. Nope! I can honestly say that I too thought you were much older, but you don’t look it.

    I can’t quite put my finger on why I was surprised at your age, but maybe it is because you are so successful? You seem to have it all together, and you seem more mature than me and I am 30! 😀 My advice: take it as flattery and don’t let it become a negative.

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