25 things this Mormon girl loves

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Hi! I’m a Mormon. Did you know that? If not, well, now you do! A friend of mine recently posted a response to the BuzzFeed post-gone-viral, 25 Things Mormon Girls Love, titled 25 things *this* Mormon girl loves. I loved it so much I thought I’d so the same. If you’re LDS, or have lived in Utah, some of these may ring a bell. I’ve starred the ones that also appear on the original list.

1. Fake wine in a wine glass. (Fake wine = sparkling cider)


2. Baby wearing


3. Pinterest*


4. Disney


via StuffPoint

5. The Bachelor/ette* (minus this season)

via Shape

6. Dr. Pepper

Flickr/Robert Hensley

7. The San Diego Temple*

via LDSChurchTemples.com

8. Photography*


9. Oprah

via ThePlace2.ru
10. Lofthouse sugar cookies


11. Fry sauce

OI_PH_Idaho Fry Sauce-sized
via oreida.com
12. Blogs/Blogging*

blog header

13. Primary songs

primary songs
via on Etsy
14. Percy Jackson

percy-jackson via mychocolatemoments.com

15. Vlogging

16. Bermuda shorts

bermuda shorts

via motorcycle-superstore

17. Fake lashes fake lashes

18. Chevron*

chevron curtains

19. Interracial families

interracial familiesvia wearethe15percent.com

20. Netflix netflix via tested.com

21. Amazon Prime amazon prime
22. Money

baby money

23. Instagram


24. Date night

date night

25. Remote-controlled self-portraits



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  1. I love Disney too!!! Well, I also love about 11 other things on this list but there is something about Disney that turns me into a little girl again 🙂 We went earlier this year and I cannot wait to go back!

  2. I’m not Mormon, but I love what’s on your list too! One exception….the primary songs I like to sing may be different, but I love to sing them anyway, especially to my middle school students.

  3. Such an insightful blog about you and your family. I like the list too as I do the San Diego Temple. Well done, and good points raised through out it. Keep up the good work and

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