21 Weeks Pregnant With a Dancing Baby

Dear Daughter,

I had a dream about you last night. It seemed so real. I was holding you, staring into your beautiful big hazel eyes, adoring your caramel skin and head full of fluffy hair. I was kissing your sweet cheeks.

I woke up feeling so sad at the realization that you weren’t here with me, my eyes still water every time I think about that dream and the love I feel for you already. But then I pat my big belly and know that it won’t be long before we meet face to face.

21 weeks belly
It all feels so much more real now, so much stronger. I’m ACTUALLY having a baby… You, my baby girl, my daughter! Daughter… I can’t get use to that word. Just about every day I’ve bought something else for you. I’m thinking more seriously about how I want you to come into the world. I didn’t think I cared that much before, so long as you’re healthy, but I’d really like it to be a pleasant experience if possible, and I’d like to be able to play with you shortly after if you’re up for it. By playing I mean dress up, I have so many things I want you to try on. You are going to be my little baby doll.

Babydoll… Hmm, maybe that will be the new nickname I call you. Your father says I don’t have to call you Spawnie anymore since we know you’re a girl but I can’t help it sometimes.

I feel you every day. Usually in the evening, or during the day when we’re using your BabyPlus. I’m not sure if you love it or hate it but I know you love to move around when that thing is on!

You also seem to like to dance around when I’m playing music. Earlier this week I hadn’t felt you move yet that day and I started playing the song “Daughters” by John Mayer and you started kicking a lot. Sometimes you used to feel like flutters but now I can feel your big kicks!
You now weigh about three-quarters of a pound and are about 10 1/2 inches long — the length of a carrot! In other developments, your eyebrows and lids are now developed, and if you’re lady parts are also developing!

I’m soooooo so so excited to meet you. Some days I wake up worried I’ve been dreaming it all. This really does all feel too good to be true. And I give thanks in my prayers every day to be so blessed to be having you.
Every day when I look at your daddy and Snoop I picture you joining us in a matter of months and my heart just melts from the excitement and joy. I know there will be hard times with lack of sleep and lots of tears. I know there will be times when we’re both crying, I’m sure if it. But I know that it will all be worth it, and that we’re all going to make a great team!
Keep growing little girl!
I love you with all my heart,
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  1. Your toes are gone!!!!!! You’re going to be such a great mommy. I cannot wait to see your baby girl! This is going to be a letter she can truly cherish in the years to come.

  2. “I LOVED this post!! it’s so fun seeing someone who’s just a couple of weeks ahead of me! You look so much bigger than me to me! I like your bump more! haha, congrats on your baby boy!

    I CAN feel Spawnie from the outside, it’s such a cool feeling, hubby felt him too at about 18 weeks, I’m worried that means she’s going to be HUGE! haha! She seems normal size for now though. How much have you gained so far? I’ve only gained 3lbs!! My OB says I need to gain more, I’m trying! haha.

    Ok this comment is long enough 🙂 I’m coming out of my stalking shell!”

    Thanks so much for commenting! I am glad you liked my post, as much as I enjoy your blog! 🙂
    Haha I am not sure how much bigger, I am but you are not too far behind me! You are so lucky that you can feel her on the outside. My husband has still yet to feel Adam. Every time he is kicking I tell him to put his hand there and then the kicking stops! lol I am sure that doesn’t mean she will be big so no worries, every pregnancy is different! As far as weight, I am not sure if I have gained at all. I seem to be around the same weight I was before. It’s only this way because right after I found out I was pregnant I found out I had hypothyroidism. I had gained 30lbs from that previously, and my OB said I would not gain to much pregnancy-wise since I had gained from the the thyroid thing before. I think if I have gained it has only been a few pounds. Hmm wow, I don’t know what you can do to gain more. Maybe eat more of those belly bars from that contest you entered! I hear those are good for helping gain good weight! Thanks again for commenting, I appreciate it!

    Great post again! I looked up what Baby Plus was and it looks pretty cool. Glad you get to use it! I have started to play music for the baby as well, and it fun to feel him kick in reaction! 🙂

  3. I missed the “it’s a girl” post so this is news to me. Congrats! It’s totally cool to think about how you’d LIKE things to go. I’d just caution you about writing up a formal birth plan. Seems like everyone who does that ends up disappointed. Stick to general goals and ideas for the birth and I’m sure it will be wonderful. There is NOTHING in the world like the moment you meet that precious child. Each subsequent child is just as magical as the first too. I hope all goes well for you!

  4. Congratulations! Glad I found your blog as you are only two weeks ahead of me AND we found out that we are having a girl yesterday as well! It certainly makes everything seem more real, doesn’t it?

  5. Love the belly shot! And the ‘no toes’ shot! So sweet 🙂 I love reading letters from pregnant mamas to their babies… it makes me want to have another one (don’t tell hubby) 😉

  6. Such an exciting time! I remember being pregnant with my little Evan & now he’s almost 3!!!! Great pictures & post!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  7. You are tiny! I wish I had taken more profile pics with my last pregnancy. I carried twins to 35 weeks. When I look back at the last photos, around 34 weeks, I can’t believe how HUGE I was. Well, congrats! And cute blog. 😉

  8. Beautiful. And it won’t be long till she’s in your life! Well, she’s already in your life, but she’s going to be able to meet you too. You are so ready for this it makes me smile…

  9. Love this post. I love how you are documenting the pregnancy and I love how you added your feelings about your little one. So tender and heartfelt! Stopping by from SITS to say Hi to mt SITSer!

  10. Lovely! I had a dream when I was pregnant that my belly was an aquarium full of wiggly little fish. Dreams are so interesting when you are pregnant….So fun!

  11. Haven’t read your blog for a while…congratulations on your pregnancy! You look amazing!! Time flies…I am already down to 13 weeks left and I can’t believe it! Woo Hoo!

  12. An expectant mother whose face grows round will have a girl. Some tales also claim that the mother’s nose grows longer or wider during pregnancy when a woman has a girl…Hope you give a little angel…Good Luck.

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