Traveling is fun, but traveling with my family? Even better. I’d love to take my children to see different parts of the world bit by bit, city by city, state by state and eventually country by country. I believe there is so much value in learning about other people and places. Whether in books, museums, or meeting people face to face, our world is a beautiful place, as are the people in it, and it would be such a waste to not try to learn more about it.

My kids are just now getting to the age where we can keep an eye on cheap flights and plan quick trips, where we dart to another state to explore a state park or museum. Last year, I did something similar with my daughter on a trip to Washington, D.C. Next year, I hope to make it to southern Utah to see the Arches and other parks we didn’t get to experience when we lived there. The freedom and flexibility is a big perk I love about homeschooling.

Over the years I’ve partnered with many brands that have aligned with and supported my passions and family goals. I’ve been lucky enough to consider business and pleasure mostly synonymous. I’m really excited that this fact is proving true once again as I partner with, Alamo, as a Chief Travel Guide for the next year.

If you are not familiar with Alamo, they’re a value-oriented rental car company and our personal go-to brand when we’re traveling out of town. We used one of their vans on our first trip to Walt Disney World, and I got a free rental upgrade to a convertible when I visited my sister in Hawaii. We rent from them when we visit our family in Utah and so on. We’ve had nothing, but good experiences with Alamo, so this partnership is a natural fit.

So, what will I be doing? I’ll be sharing some of my family travel tips over on Alamo’s Scenic Route site (I’ll let you know here every time a new one goes up!). I’ll also be sharing our travel adventures over the next year. Actually, now I have a really good excuse to make sure we plan some fun ones. So buckle up!

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