Want to take a little tour of our house? We’ll start outside.

When we started building our home there were a few things my husband and I wanted for sure: An extra bedroom, nice floors and a jetted tub. When it came to backyard space we didn’t ask for much. We wanted a yard the kids could play in, but personally, I wanted to make it an extension of our home.

Growing up we never had a fenced-in backyard, but we had a metal playscape that we wore into the ground. I spent so much time outside in our yard discovering insects and playing with friends. I want our yard to be a safe place where my kids can make memories they’ll cherish.

We didn’t agree on a covered patio. It was the first roadblock in deciding how to build our home. She said yes, he said no. It was six grand and a pretty big decision. Ultimately he won the argument, and the first year our backyard was pretty dull, but the compromise was that I could add things to liven it up.

backyard dream

We got a playscape for the kids (my dream come true!) and I bought a wicker patio set, steel pergola and bamboo shade. I couldn’t believe it but we managed to put it together ourselves. In the back I added a bright chalkboard for the kids to play on, just at their height.

outdoor chalkboard

Though it’s extremely hot more than half the year and sitting outside isn’t always ideal, in the morning when we wake up, or in the evening after sunset it can feel so nice. I added outdoor string lights to our pergola so it’s still nice and bright at night.

It has been raining almost nonstop for weeks here, and yesterday it cleared up for a little bit. We spent hours in our backyard together spinning the kids, playing tag, and catch. We don’t have an outdoor dining table but it doesn’t stop us from having picnics on our coffee table.

backyard family

Over the weekend we went to the mall and picked up a few yard decor items. I read Ty Pennington’s 7 Secrets to Creating an Outdoor Oasis and I went looking for colorful plants and came out with Disney stuff. Sears was having a sale and I couldn’t resist. Whatever. It’s our home, our quirky style.


I need to add some stepping stones or something to make the space back there more playful, but it’s still a work in progress, and I’m sure it’ll evolve as our family grows (*cough* in size not number). I hope it’ll always be a place my kids want to bring their friends, or hang with us. I have dreams of adding a bigger patio and grill some day, a garden and much much more greenery.


I don’t need a pool or anything real fancy, just a cozy place to make beautiful memories together.

What’s your outdoor living space like? What do you want to add?

Sears has plenty of things to help make your yard an extension of your home, and for a great price. I’m personally a big fan of their Disney line. You can check out more here at Sears.com/outdoorliving.

If you’re wanting to update yours here’s a contest to win 1.5 million Shop Your Way points to create your own dream backyard. Enter here: at ShopYourWay.com/SearsPatioSweep

*This post is a part of an ongoing partnership with Sears as a Sears Bloggers Squad Ambassador. I purchased the items featured in this post. All opinions are my own.

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James Oliver says:

Our yard could be a bit more fun for the kids. It’s fairly wide, but not deep enough to put a big play house. The area where we could put one has a small pond in it, which we may get rid of by next summer.
James Oliver recently posted..Sweet potato soufleé that will make you smack your mamaMy Profile

Baby Making Mama says:

Oooh a small pond sounds like fun! Do you have fishies in there? I think when they’re a couple years older they’d love the playcape. Mine adore it now!

James oliver says:

No fish. They would die in the winter here.

Btw, did you see my sweet potato recipe article?

You should make it for the hubs and kiddos. Everyone will love it.

Sheena says:

You can bring them inside ;-).

Lorane says:

I like the combination of fun (for the kids ) and functional for the grownups. I liked the thought that went into the transformation in terms of what was selected

Baby Making Mama says:

I didn’t think about it that way but you’re so right Lorane!

Rosey says:

I have fond memories of being outside in my youth too. You’ve got some really great ideas here. And your description of early morning or eve. when it’s not too hot sounds so inviting!

becca says:

I love all things Disney so I am failing over this lamp. I must go to Sears and get me one.
becca recently posted..#BreakYouMake with ChobaniMy Profile

Sheena says:

Thank Tink lamp tho. Must have.

Sheena says:


OMG, I must have been half sleep when I commented!

Thanks so much for linking up! I love the chalkboard you have for the kiddos! I hope to have something like that someday in our new home too 🙂
Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life recently posted..Fun Amidst the ChaosMy Profile

Rachee says:

My backyard is just blah. I look out onto an alley. I love what you did with your space.
Rachee recently posted..Move Those MusclesMy Profile

Victoria says:

I live in a condo so we don’t have a backyard. However, when I purchase a house I am sure the backyard is going to be a favorite of ours too.
Victoria recently posted..SleepIQKids by Sleep Number Will Help Your Child SleepMy Profile

I absolutely love the tink lantern. Your backyard looks amazing!
Heather D. (@GirlGoneMom) recently posted..Weight Watchers Try and RevealMy Profile

marie says:

My backyard consists of dirt. We rent and the tenants before us destroyed the grass and the landlord never replanted. However, that doesn’t stop my boys front wanting to go play outside with their trucks and dig in the dirt all the time!

marie says:

My backyard consists of dirt. We rent and the tenants before us destroyed the grass and the landlord never replanted. However, that doesn’t stop my boys from wanting to go play outside with their trucks and dig in the dirt all the time!

bren says:

We live in a condo with a small-medium size deck. We weren’t aware until we moved here that its against the law to bbq on the decks because of the proximity to the building…. so sad 🙁 other than that we enjoy our outdoor space. I have container gardens with herbs and wonderfully comfy furniture. We will be taking advantage of the space for another month or so until the Az. heat pushes us indoors.

It looks like you’ve been able to do a great job at making your backyard an extension of your home. I love that you’ve created a little oasis to enjoy the cool evenings and mornings. There is something so peaceful about being outside in the early morning with a good cup of coffee
Michael | Backyard Zest recently posted..The Kid’s Slide that Parents LoveMy Profile

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