So, I’m going to let you decide if this Dr. Seuss party was Pinterest-worthy or not. I happen to think that I pulled it off spectacularly, but it wouldn’t have been possible without help. To me that’s the secret of party-planning… Getting help. And I don’t think I did a single detail of this party alone.

Dr Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme

Dr Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme: birthday boy hat

Starting with my invites. I knew I wanted to do a Dr. Seuss Party theme from the book Oh The Place’s You’ll go. I had ideas in my mind, but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pull it off. One day I just decided to go for it, and when I found a $5 basket that would PERFECTLY serve as a kiddy hot air balloon basket I knew it was on.

So home I went with my $5 steal, and I got balloons to tie to it. Word to the wise: Don’t try to take 10 balloons home from the store, it’s not safe.  I had to pull over and have my husband rescue me from my balloon-filled passenger seat.

Dr Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme: places you'll go party invite

Once I had the picture taken, I searched for the perfect invite. I found one from this etsy shop. Boom. Invites done.

Dr Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme, places you'll go welcome sign

My sister Lauren helped me make the “welcome” sign outside the door that actually didn’t say welcome, but some funky directions that went with the Dr Seuss Party, Oh The Places You’ll Go party theme. She made fun of me for placing it that way, saying I should have put down up and up down, but whatever.

My friend Hope has a Cricut and she helped me make the Happy Birthday banner, and extra flags that I used on the wall.

Dr Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme, birthday month-by-month banner

Another friend, Laura, makes adorable photo banners, so she sat down with me to make his month-by-month photo display.

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; hot air balloon lanterns

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; kid you'll move mountains places you'll go partyDr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; hot air balloon lanternsDr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; elephant banner places you'll goMy mom and sisters came in for the party, and they wanted a hand in helping. My mom helped me turn colorful lanterns into hot air ballons. My sister Kimberly gave me the idea to turn the extra bunting into an elephant/held flag. And from the beginning I wanted to make a mountain rage featuring the famous words in the story: “KID YOU’LL MOVE MOUNTAINS!” Even Lil’ J helped with that creation.

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; oh the places you'll go decoration

I used some leftover poster board to make a little airplane “banner” for a plane we had. It looked perfect on our bookshelf below a US map I got from Hobby Lobby.

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; birthday party puffsA woman from my ward has a little bakery called Dough Girl Bakery, and she made the gorgeous pastries you’re about to witness. Believe me, they tasted as good as they look.
Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; oh the places you'll go cupcakes Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; oh the places you'll go cupcakes Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; marshmallow pops chocolate covered pretzels Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; oh the places you'll go smash cake
Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; oh the places you'll go party foodI gave her ideas and sent her pictures of the type of cupcakes, and dipped pretzels and giant marshmallows I wanted and she totally exceeded my expectations. She also made the cutest little smash cake that Big T loved.

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; first birthday boy

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; messy baby eating smash cake

For a second.

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; messy baby smash cakeI’m not sure if he had a sugar rush or if cake got in his eye but after a few fistfulls in his mouth he was done.

We had water and rainbow sherbet/sprite mix.

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; birthday party goldfish bowlDr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; birthday party grape kabobsDr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; Happy Baby puffsDr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; happy family party foodDr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; happy baby party food

Adults and kids loved the sweets, but we also had other yummy non-sweet food. We ordered chicken croissants and ham pinwheels from HEB, and my sister made purple and green grape kabobs. Happy Family sent me a bunch of toddler snacks for a promotion I’m doing on BabyCenter and they worked perfectly as healthy snacks for all the kids. The organic animal cookies and yogurt puffs were a big hit.

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; oh the places you'll go party favors

The party favors were another idea I came up with on my own. I’d been saving babyfood jars thinking I’d make rainbow cake in them, but it was too overly ambitious for me. I ended up filling the bottom with Easter-colored jellybeans (that went along with the theme) and topped them off with jellybean cotton candy.

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; places you'll go party favors

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; birthday party display favors

A neighbor let me borrow her gorgeous goblets that I filled with the other favors… Play-dough and bubbles.

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; oh the places you'll go birthday book

I bought an extra copy of Oh The Places You’ll Go and used it as a guestbook. Looking back I wish I left a sign asking guests to leave a piece of advise or well-wish, but it’s ok.

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; places you'll go photobooth

We also inflated more balloons (this time with a balloon tank) and attached it to that basket again for a little corner photo booth.

Lastly, I bought a rainbow inflatable pool (that my mom inflated with her own lungs!) and 300 balls for a little ballpit for the kids. They got a kick out of it. It took him awhile to warm up to it. We had it up for a few days before the party, and now, a few days after he’s finally climbing in and out, tossing balls about.

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; birthday party ballpitI’m not thrilled about having 300 plastic balls that at any moment can end up sprawled across my house, but hopefully we’ll put them to good use, and this summer, can get good use out of the pool.

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; baby day 365Oh, and after wrapping up the party, we took his last 365 photo. So that project is a wrap!

Dr. Seuss Party: oh the places you'll go party theme; mommy and me first birthdayOverall I think it was great. My one year old had a blast on his big day, and I tackled a party like never before. Planning ahead and getting help made the biggest difference. I’m already excited for my daughter’s birthday in July!

And of course I had to capture the scene on video. If you don’t watch the whole thing just watch the first 10 seconds and let me know what you think of my new intro. Believe it or not that was the trickiest part of the entire project!

What do you think of the party? How did I do?

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Sol says:

Perfect! And definitely Pinterest worthy. Love the little details with the airplane and moutains. The photo prop is so cute and your lil boy looks so happy. Way to go. And your mom must have a good set of lungs. Lol

Leah Sannar says:

That was awesome Jennifer!! The video you put together was so stinkin’ cute!! I just love it! It felt like I was there all over again. It was great meeting your family too!! You definitely pulled off a Pinterest-worthy party! He looked SOO happy in that shot where he has cake all over him and you’re holding him. So cute! And I’m definitely thinking about getting some of those balls for Dom! I was telling Tim, it’d be so fun to put some in the pool this summer for him to splash around in. So fun!!
Leah Sannar recently posted..When Your Kid Is NOT Ready For Potty-TrainingMy Profile

liz says:

It’s amazing! Fabulous job, girl.
liz recently posted..20 Amazing Free Easter PrintablesMy Profile

Dana says:

This is the cutest. He looks so happy. Creative theme and I love that book. Great job!
Dana recently posted..Battle of the Brews – Keurig K65 GiveawayMy Profile

J says:

This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations to your little guy. I think you pulled it off VERY well AND I do believe it is Pinterest worthy!
J recently posted..DIY: A very horsey skirt for JOEMy Profile

Marcie says:

What a great job on the party, the photos, the video and all! I would love to throw a party like this for my daughter when she turns one in two months but being a military family, we don’t have family or many friends where we are so it will just be the three of us…I have to think of a way to still make it special though! I’ve been following your blog since I found it when I was pregnant last year and looking for nursery decor ideas. Your kids sure are growing into beautiful little people and I’ve enjoyed watching in their journey and yours!

Awww. You did great. Happy birthday Ty!!
Stacy-Ann Gooden recently posted..Singing Along to Frozen’s “Let it Go”My Profile

Sara says:

So fun! Love all the ideas!

Aubrey says:

GREAT job!! I think it’s definitely Pinterest worthy and you really outdid yourself..stuck with the theme the whole way! BRAVO!!
Aubrey recently posted..Forget Prenatal Vitamins, Drink THIS UpMy Profile

Candice W. says:

You did a fantastic job. I love your attention to detail. I’ve got until January for my son’s first birthday party and I’m already inspired!!

Moonsparkle says:

It looks really cool, especially the cakes and the rest of the food. Happy Birthday to Ty. 🙂
Moonsparkle recently posted..The Defamation of Strickland BanksMy Profile

Elizabeth says:

WOW! That is amazing! I love Dr. Seuss and the time you put into this is spectacular! Definitely pin-worthy! I just came across your site and am excited to run into other bloggers!! I saw an idea on Pinterest where you buy the book “Oh the Places You’ll Go” and have each of their teachers sign it at the end of every year until their senior year, where you give it to them as a graduation present! My little ones will be starting kindergarten next year, so I am going to do it!! Thanks for the fun visit!
Elizabeth recently posted..Reuse and Recycle: An Easter Pallet BoxMy Profile

Baby Making Mama says:

Thanks for your sweet compliment Elizabeth. I saw that pin about the book too, I’m hoping to save it and use it for his teachers as well… If I don’t homeschool that is 😉

Thanks for visiting, hope you stay awhile 🙂

Wow, amazing! I could never throw a party like that, ever. Wouldn’t even attempt to. 🙂 You’re awesome!
Anastasia @ eco-babyz recently posted..Homeschool Giveaway {10 winners, $600+ prizes!}My Profile

You did a fantastic job! The decor, party favors & food all look amazing. Glad T enjoyed his first birthday party.
K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy recently posted..The Little Rascals Save The DayMy Profile

mindy says:

i am totally inspired by your party design/exeuction! I hope our party turns out half as cute as yours! Were the hot air balloon lanterns easy to make? So adorable!

Baby Making Mama says:

Thank you Mindy! They were easy to make. Just used a hole punch in come cupcake cups and some fishing line! You’ll do fantastic!

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I love all the DIY wall decorations and banners which added a personalized touch. Everything looked so well planned, including the decision to get the inflatable pool, which seemed to be a terrific party activity that all the guest loved. Great photos!

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gladys says:

Hi. I love your blog. I love all the pictures and I am thinking of doing the same theme for my 3 yr old boy. It gives me another idea of what theme I should do this time. I only have question about your party favor, bubbles – are those from oriental trading or where did you buy them? Please? Thanks. More power!
gladys recently posted..What are the chances my kids have a passion?My Profile

Baby Making Mama says:

Thanks for your comment! I got them from the Dollar Tree 🙂

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cindysn says:

Love this idea!!!!!!!!! Can I ask where did you get the USA text map? I really love that!!!

Vickey says:

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Leah says:

I love love love your party! I also loved his suit from his invitation. I have searched everywhere for my own son but cannot find it. Would you mind telling me where you got it from?
Thank you so much!

Kristin says:

Great job! I hope you don’t mind that I’ll be using a lot of your ideas for my baby’s 1st birthday later this month. Thanks for the inspiration!

tiffany co says:

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Raquel says:

Wow, nice ideas! I was looking for a theme for my baby’s 1st birthday. This definitely helps! Thank you.

FL Studio 12 says:

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dhenry says:

I NEVER leave comments on the internet but I stumbled across this theme then this page and I absolutely LOVE it!!! These are all AMAZING ideas and I’m basically going to steal all of them for my son’s first birthday party. Thank you so much! Wishing your family lots of love!

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Briana Murphy says:

This really inspired me so I will probably take most if not all of your ideas. I really wanted to have him a pool party for his 1st birthday since he is the youngest of all the kids but I wanted to stick with this theme. Not really sure how I’m going to put it all together, heck I still need to plan and execute his christening.. but I’m super excited. Thanks and definitely pinterest worthy

Umar craig says:

I just visited your current post through your one other page. I am happy to know new points and also have suggested it to my all 4 family members. Actually my 4-year kid always try to go for the birthday celebrations of their friends and each time I have to spend a lot. But your post has given me some new points to consider. I wish show your provided images to my kid to give him new ideas and creativity.
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Jennifer says:

Where did you find the basket at that you used for the hot air balloon?

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