My 2013 Goals


Now that the realization has set in that a year has gone by, and it’s actually 2013, I’ve decided I’d better vocalize a few goals for the year.

I had to think long and hard about this because I’m never good at following through with my grandiose plans. I knew I needed to take a different approach this time. And so here are my 2013 goals:

1. Do whatever the eff I want. By this I mean not focus on just trying to get organized, or working out, or cooking more, whatever. If I feel like cooking something new or getting organized, I’m gonna do it. If I want to take a month and make a bunch of cute clothes for my kiddos, I’ll work on that. If I feel like sitting down and watching Desperate Housewives for a few hours (or a whole day), I’m gonna do that. This is the year for doing whatever the freak I want and not feeling guilty about needing to do more of something else.

2. Put and end to working weekends. I’ve been working weekends the last five years and I’m over it. I’ve been talks about moving my schedule to a weekday thing and that would be like a dream come true. Especially if I can do it before the baby is born. I’m going to keep bugging The Man until we make this happen.

3. Go back to church. Working weekends has made it really hard, if not impossible to go to church on a regular basis. Something is most definitely missing from my life. While I still feel like a decent, nice person, I secretly long for that enrichment that I’ve sorta been jaded out of. Back in the day I felt out-of-place at church, either because I was “new” or because we didn’t have kids, or because I worked while other moms stayed at home. But now I don’t care about any of that. No sense assuming people are judging you. We can all learn from each other, and I feel good about where life has led me so far.

So there you have it. My three simple-ish goals. I would also like to add something about returning comments more and visiting my reader’s blogs, but I’m going to lump that into my “do whatever the eff I want” goal because some days I am in the mood, less busy, and more and motivated to do that more than others.

Peace up, A-town down. Bring it 2013. You’re gonna be my biotch. (I’m gonna stop talking like this once I get back in church).

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  1. I literally laughed out loud on your last line. I don’t even know you, but reading you type that was hilarious. LOL!
    I hear ya about getting back to church more. My hubby and I were 100% way involved in church before we had children. Umm…we now have 2 under 3 years old and I’m not trying to burn out. At the same time, I know I could use less excuses about getting up for the drive to church on Sunday. Going to do better here too. Have a blessed 2013.

  2. I really like your number one. Being pregnant is super draining especially with a toddler so I love how you are going to do something when you feel like doing it.

  3. Keep pushing the man! Go girl! Get off weekends! It finally happened for me after lots of pushing. (Before I left, of course.) Good luck!

  4. Keep pushing the man! Go girl! Get off weekends! It finally happened for me after lots of pushing. (Before I left, of course.) Good luck!

  5. I love these! I agree, going back to church is really important. It’s amazing how much it effects your life, doesn’t it? When we moved a few years ago, I had the hardest time “fitting in” in our new ward. We stopped going for a couple years, and it took a while to notice the difference it had. We moved back to our hometown, back in our old ward, and I love it. Such a great start to the week. =]

  6. Totallu love that your points are simple and to the point. Before reading yours I thought my list wud be long…but I too hardly get time to get around to everything. So simple and to the point is the way forward. Getting into the groove of church is super important! Will be praying for u on that one :).
    Over and out. Kanya

  7. “No sense assuming people are judging you. We can all learn from each other.”
    This is my favorite line from your post. What a great outlook on life! I think this needs to be my 2013 mantra. I went back to work in 2012 and felt like I was constantly being judged. Living that way is too stressful! Thank you for your good words, and happy new year!

  8. I love your blog. You are awesome, and your daughter is beautiful. Congrats on your pregnancy. You remind me so much o myself.

  9. These are great, especially #1. I laughed when I read “Do whatever the eff I want” and the last line too. You are too funny!

    I seem from Twitter that you’re making homemade ice cream tonight…yum!!!

  10. We haven’t been to church since before Thanksgiving due to a number of things and I feel horrible about it. Thankfully, though we’ll be returning this Sunday and I can’t wait. Not going has really had a negative toll on me and my overall mood in some ways.

    Good luck on getting those weekends off. I know that it would be a great to spend even more time with your littles and the Mr. Keeping my fingers crossed that The Man makes it happen.

  11. I really love this post. My goals this year are very similar, as they are more focused on having a rounded, happy life rather than zeroing in on one thing. Going walking more and not feeling guilty about baking cookies. Just an honest desire for joy…

    I do hope that you are able to get back to church. My husband and I are living abroad. Our congregation is ramshackle, tiny, and disorderly, leaving a small handful of us to do 90% of the work. It is exhausting and very often frustrating (I have, no joke, 5 callings and my husband is the branch president…) but I have learned so much more from this group about the true nature of the gospel than I ever could have imagined. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned recently is that just showing up and staying for the whole block is a way of showing gratitude to our Savior and to those who have prepared lessons.

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