Week 45 was a fun week for photos. Over the last couple of months she’s really started to love Snoop. We’ve taken him for walks together, she pets him when we get home, and hugs him like this. He’s loving all of the new found attention and I’m sure, feeling like a puppy again.

As usual I love the daddy/daughter photo. When they are snuggling before bed it’s too hard for me not to snap a pic with my iPhone. My favorite is either day one or Day 310.

Loving on her furry brother.
Learning to use utensils. She loves peaches.
Smooching on daddy before bed.
She still loves this Tedddy. Strangely enough, she prefers to keep in Spanish mode.
We took this photo on our nature walk. Love this quote by MLK Jr.
She wore her Dr. Seuss hat and dress to the library, so it was only appropriate I use a quote of his too. The adorable outfit is from Lollibug Boutique.

emily says:

Love, love, love ALL of these! And the last entry too. You are getting so good! I really love this idea and think it’s going to be such a wonderful keepsake.

Dana says:

Those are wonderful. She is so cute.

Veronika says:

Love that last one! (:

Laura Magu says:

Love, love, love everything about these posts. What a lovely gift to give your daughter not just now but for when she is older and has children of her own.

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