Setting Goals for the First Time? Here are 20 Ideas to Get Started

Ready to set some goals for your kids, but not sure where to start? Here are 20 great goals for kids that you can work on this year!

I was a little girl I with some big dreams. I wanted to be a figure skater, a singer, and an actress. As I grew older my talent and love of being in front of people evolved into hobbies like public speaking, and creative writing. Eventually I realized I wanted to be a journalist and I pursued and achieved that dream years later.

I’m one of the lucky ones — I knew what I “wanted to be when I grow up” from a young age. But I think more importantly than that (I don’t particularly like that question these days), is for my kids to have an understanding of what lights them up. How they can help people. And how to set goals and work towards them.

At the start of a new year, there is a huge buzz surrounding setting goals and resolutions. But unfortunately, these goals and resolutions often become pushed aside or forgotten. I think this is something we need to work on. Goals are much easier to accomplish when we dedicate time to them with regular check-ins, reflections, and necessary tweaks.

Teaching our kids how to set and track achievable goals is an integral part of our family life. When helping a child learn how to set a goal, it’s beneficial to have some suitable options for them to choose from.

Goals should be closely linked to age, cognitive ability, physical ability, etc., of the child involved. For example, it’s not realistic to expect a two-year-old to read 10 books each month! When considering goals, it’s also important to remember that each kid is different and you know your child best.

I told you how I like to practice goal setting with my kids. And even how we make vision boards for kids in our home. But in case you’re just not sure where to start when it comes to setting goals with your kids, I’m going to share some great goal setting ideas!

Keep reading for some of my favorite ways to get started with goals for kids!

20 Goals For Kids

1) Keep their room clean OR clean it once a week/twice a week – for us, this is a “job” for my kids. If they do it without me asking, every day (along with their other 3 daily jobs), they get paid (want to learn more about financial literacy for kids? Check out this blog.

2) Share toys better – This one is great for teaching little ones the importance of generosity.

3) Not fight with siblings – You can have your kids make a plan for what they’ll do when they have a conflict, besides just telling mom.

4) Read a new book every month of the new year – A library membership can help with this. Here are some great books if you’re looking for a place to start.

5) Brush their teeth every night without being asked – Your dentist will thank you!

6) Eat fruits and vegetables at least once a day – – This is one of my favorites!

7) Only drink one soda a day – Or better yet, no soda at all, or switch to sparkling water.

8) Drink at least 2 glasses of water a day – Something I need more than my kids.

9) Join a sports club or another club at school – A great goal for kids wanting to make new friends or branch out more.

10) Improve school grades – Ask your child how you can help with this one.

11) For every 1 hour spent using technology, run for 10 minutes – I love tying goals together.

12) For every 1 hour spent using technology, read for 10 minutes – Another two for one.

13) Limit playing video games to 1 hour every day – Consider downloading a screen time app to help with that.

14) Limit the time I’m on my phone after school to 1 hour every day – Or even put their phone away for a period before bed.

15) Write a letter to my grandparents once a week – Or a thank-you letter. This also helps with developing an appreciation for those who help us, cherishing each day.

16) Consciously help someone once a day – A random act of kindness can go a long way. I have other ideas for those here. I have other ideas for those here.

17) Start doing laundry – Offer to show them how the first couple of times.

18) Slow down, sit down, and have a good chat with my parents once a week – A good habit to get into, especially as they get older and busier.

19) Recycle all the plastic that I can for the year – Or other environmentally-friendly goals.

20) Learn one new recipe/song/poem/fact, etc., a week – My kids like to use Alexa to help with this. Here are some fun Disney activities Alexa can do!

Now support their goals and cheer them on!

You can adjust many of these to fit your child and their specific personality or talents. However, these are a great starting point. Also remember they’re kids. And some times they’ll need some encouragement from you on how to set their goals, support to help make it happen, or inspiring messages when they feel like they’re falling short. From these suggestions, it should be easy to set New Year’s goals for kids.

What goals are you or your kids working on this year?

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