2 Months Down 8 More to Go!

The hormones are BACK! I had an emotional breakdown break for a couple of weeks… No tears, no overly-stressed feeling, but they’re back and they’re taking a vengeance! My hormones kicked the Mojo out of me. I haven’t wanted to blog, have lost the urge to Tweet, and all desire to read baby books.

All of a sudden I’m feeling in a panic and sorta thinking “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” Hopefully this is normal and some hormonal thing or else I’m gonna be left feeling pretty crappy that I’m feeling this way.

Of course I’m happy, I’m excited, I’m grateful, I’m blessed… But I’m also FREAKING OUT. Part of it could be work too. I’m working 8 days in a row followed by one day off… That combined with constant exhaustion is bound to make for some weird emotions. I’m talking feeling ways I’ve never felt before… More on that later.

My friend @mommyingaround on Twitter showed me this cool picture of what my baby may look like right now. I picture Spawnie being a little darker, but I guess skin pigment comes later. This was some high-tech picture taken and featured in this news article album. When I showed the picture to my husband I half expected him to say something to the effect of “eew” or “scary” but I was instead delighted when he said “Wow, he’s that big already?!”

I call Spawnie “she” or “Spawnie” and hubby sometimes jokingly calls our baby a “he” but we both think it’s a girl.

But on to my 8-Week check up that I meant to write Friday as I hit 8 weeks. According to Baby Center…
Going on with Spawnie:
-Webbed fingers and toes are poking out from Spawnie’s hands and feet
-Eyelids practically cover Spawnie’s eyes
-Breathing tubes extend from the throat to the branches of developing lungs
-In Spawnie’s brain, nerve cells are branching out to connect with one another, forming primitive neural pathways.
-Organs like the gallbladder are developing this next week.
-Spawnie is about the size of a green olive or kidney bean… Depending which site I’m reading.
Going on with mommy:
-My bra is much more snug. Not just where the ladies are, but around my ribcage. Apparently I could go up a cup size or two… Wow!
-Fatigue is taking over my life. It’s because of a rise in progesterone.
-More nausea
-Getting up at night to pee.
-My pants are getting tighter. I had to unbutton my size 3 jeans and wear a long shirt over it half way through the day. My size 6 fit ok now. I hear it’s bloating from progesterone. Thinking of getting a BellaBand.
Here’s another picture! I think I look bigger than last week, but it could be the bloating. My friend @GracieKate on Twitter said her bloat bump was bigger than her 20 week bump so we’ll see if it goes down!

I’m fairly small to begin with, plus I’m excited for a baby bump, so I sorta notice every bulge. Ok.. Wait, I just finished uploading the picture, I’m definitely bigger. Call it bloat, call it fat, but I prefer baby bump… Even if my baby is only the size of a green olive.

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  1. Girl, I’ve known you since forever and a day a go, and that’s the biggest bump I’ve ever seen on you! Bloating or baby– it’s still adorable! πŸ™‚

  2. You look great! I went up 2 bra sizes in 5 months so get ready to go shopping! Also the fatigue will get better in 2nd tri. I am not back to feeling uber tired with only 2 months left. And I highly recommend a bella band! It was great until I could not longer zip my pants and now I am using it to hold up my bigger maternity pants that will fill out soon, I’m sure of it.

  3. oh oh I got BellaBands to review I LOVE them!!! I dont’ know what I ever did without them I also love that I can use them while nursing to hide my belly flab woohoo πŸ˜‰
    Your itty bitty belly is so stinkin cute!

  4. You look so good. If you really think about it the reason you are so tired is because you are helping a life form in you. The tiredness comes and goes. But you are such a get and go person I know you will be an amazing get and go mom. Congrats again.

  5. I thought about getting a BellaBand…but a rubberband is a heckuvalot cheaper! Just loop it through the button hole and around the button of your jeans and -voila!- you are set to go. I didn’t wear maternity jeans until my husband begged me to at 18 weeks! (Of course, I happily obliged!)

  6. Have you heard of the button trick? Just take a hair tie and loop it around your button and through the belt hole, it will let you wear your pants for a while longer.

  7. I did the rubberband thing too with my pants-before bella bands..they have a cute buckle out there that does the same thing too called B-buckles-there about $20. With my first two babies I wore my same pants the entire 9 months with the rubberband-so definitely worth it to buy this time around at least.

  8. Hi there! It’s the Wannabe WAHM!
    Your bump is definitely a bump now. Congrats!

    As for your tatas get ready to have the boob job you always wanted! Well, the boob job I always wanted.

    Your bra is a little snug, here is a tip that I wish I had know before my 8th month! Apparently, you can purchase a bra extender, it’s like $5!!!

    Get it today! You’ll love yourself for it!

  9. YAY!!! Go you πŸ™‚ Picture is great..can’t wait to see more! I like when women post picures of their baby bellies! i’m not thin/tiny, so I didn’t, but I love cute ones on skinny women!
    Babies rock..don’t stress, it’ll be ok! All the freaking out is natural–it’ll pass, & be normal. Remember, women have been doing this for, well–ever!

  10. You look awesome. Hang in there, the 2nd trimester is just a few weeks away. I started to feel SO much better in my 2T.

    It’s amazing how much, and how quickly those little babies grow in their first few weeks of life. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  11. Hey there soon to be mama, glad to see you are keeping track of the pictures. I have a new picture up on my blog. I am only 2 weeks ahead of you, and now I feel like I look huge. lol. You are so tiny and cute. You’ll love watching the pictures after the baby is born. As for the bloating, yes, it goes up and down, same with hormones. I have good days and bad days. lol. This weekend was a sad/frustrating weekend lol. At least hubby knows it’s not my fault. πŸ™‚ Hope all keeps looking up for you. Oh, and something to look forward to, my morning sickness is subsiding just a little bit. Yay.

  12. Congratulations and I hope you start to feel a little less rundown. As for Spawnie being a bit darker…that’s a toss up. I’m black, my husband is half white/half mexican and our daughter came out paler than a ghost…and she hasn’t gotten much darker since then. But regardless I’m sure he or she will be beautiful!

  13. AWWWW! You’re pregnant??? This is my first visit so I missed the journey of you getting pregnant. I remember when I was 8 weeks. Now I’m 31 weeks. And tired of being pregnant. It’s a great experience because it’s my 1st baby. lol

    I have your button linked so don’t be a stranger.

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