Lil’ J has always been a thrill seeker. Or so I thought.

She laughs and laughs when we push her in swings. She yells for more when we toss her up in the air. She loves to dive off of our bed into our arms. And she lives to jump around with mommy. So when we took her to Lagoon last month I thought she’d be all about it.

I was so wrong.

We started small. I noticed some tub boats going around in a circle and thought that would be a perfect start to her amusement park ride experience. I felt slightly sad as I buckled her into the boat. She was the second to last kid to get on the ride, which was good because it meant less time for her to get restless.

When the boats started she didn’t smile. But she didn’t cry either. She just gave the blank stare I like to call her “stone face” when normally she’d be smiling but for whatever reason she wants to show no expression whatsoever.

She gave that face the whole time she went round and round in the boat. Ever time she came by I’d yell her name and wave. She’d maybe smile for a moment as she looked for me.

When the ride was over the attendant took her out but didn’t realize she couldn’t walk, so he stood her up and she fell to her butt. I was right behind though and grabbed her and told her how good she did.

We went to the

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