16 Weeks: Dear Spawnie… I’m Sorry.

Dear Spawnie,

I think there’s something very important you should know about your mom… See, I’m a little crazy sometimes. Now don’t get scared, I don’t mean crazy like screaming and yelling and things of that sort… You won’t hear me yell very often if ever. But I guess what I mean so say is that I’m a little goofy, and I’m really competitive. I think this is a good quality for the most part but sometimes I wonder how much of this will rub off on you, and how much pressure I’ll put on you.
I keep telling your daddy that you’re going to be a football player and win the Heisman.. Oh yea, did I mention I think you’re a boy? I’ll be really surprised if you’re not, then we’re gonna have to rethink this Heisman thing. But anyway, you dad says most professional players don’t win that and that the percentage of people who do is like sooooo small. I just tell him someone’s gotta win it, why not you? The fact that your dad and pretty much no man in our family has played college football may hurt your odds but I don’t think it’s impossible.
Don’t worry I’m not gonna be one of those crazy moms that’s yelling at the refs at the game. I don’t like those people now so I’ll work hard to make sure I don’t end up becoming one. I’ll also let you choose the sport you want to play. Just PLEASE don’t choose golf. It’s not that fun to watch. I’m not a big baseball fan either, and your dad doesn’t like soccer. So I think that leaves you with football and basketball. Just kidding… Choose what you want (just not golf!).
I’m thinking about my competitiveness right now because we’re (me and you) in a competition to win some cool stuff. The main thing for you is a breast pump… You’ve gotta eat right? I’ll need one of these when I go back to work. I think I’ve been driving some people crazy begging for votes but ya know what? It’s ok! Here’s a lesson for you Spawnie: “Those who mind, don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind.” But only use that for noble causes ok? That saying doesn’t work if you’re doing something ridiculous.
Next, I’m just so excited to meet you! I know you have a lot more cooking to do, but it’s just the craziest thing being pregnant. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and I really don’t want to take it for granted. I told you last week I feel you move sometimes now. Most of the time it feels like tiny bubbles popping but once the other night it felt like a muscle spasm. I’m not sure if it was my muscle or you kicking like crazy!
I’m already thinking about the things that we’re going to do once you get here. I can’t wait to carry you around in different kinds of wraps and take you on trips with me. I’m really hoping we’ll be able to save enough money so we can spend the whole 12 weeks off together. I hope to take you to see family in Utah and Georgia and maybe even friends at a blog conference in New York!
You’re about the size of an avocado now… It seems as though my different sites are agreeing on the food you’re equivalent to this week. You’re about 4 1/2 inches long now, but in the next few weeks you’ll go through a BIG growth spurt and in the next few weeks you’ll DOUBLE your weight from about 3 1/2 oz right now. I have a feeling you’re bigger. I was 7lbs 3 oz and your Dad was 10 pounds 2 oz. I’m hoping you’re not that big. I’m sure that would make you cute and chubby but possibly painful to push out. Either way I’ll be happy to see you and grateful that you’re healthy.
One thing I read that you’re developing this week is your sense of hearing loud noises. Our smoke alarm went off a couple of times this week (mommy’s cooking) and I was thinking you probably heard that. I’m going to start playing music to you soon so you can start to get some rhythm. I’m also curious to see if you’re recognize the songs after you’re born.
We had an appointment today and got to hear your heartbeat again. I remember to record it this time so I could hear it over and over again and I LOVE the sound. I can’t stop smiling when I listen to it. Last time your heartbeat was in the 160s this time it was 148. You kept swimming away though so we had to chase your little heartbeat around. The nurse said you’re very active. We scheduled our next appointment for three weeks from now and we’ll find out if you’re a boy or a girl! I can’t wait!!

People at work say I’m showing now. I think it’s cause I was so small to begin with and you have no place to go but out. Oh! I gained 4 pounds this last month!
I’m so overly excited about you and everything about you and it’s really feeling more real. My friends tell me you’re going to start kicking a lot more and keeping me up and night and stuff but I don’t mind… I can’t wait! I can’t wait to show you off and play with you and kiss your cheeks!
Although you’re not even a pound yet I’m already so proud of you! If when you’re growing up I act a little crazy, and over protective, and overzealous I’m sorry. But don’t worry… You’re mom is a little crazy but it’s because I love you!
Question of the day: Did you play music for your baby while you were pregnant with them? Do you think they remembered any songs after?

For more information about being 16 weeks pregnant visit Pregnancy Corner.

Winner of the Mom-to-be Lamaze gift set according to Random.org: Commenter #37 Mariana! Congrats! Please email me your info to babymakingmachine(at)gmail.com.

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  1. I am so glad you are taking the feet pictures! They are the best. My friend made a flip book that was too die for. We still laugh about it! You have the cutest baby bump!

  2. Oh my goodness – you look gorgeous!!!! I miss being pregnant – I truly enjoyed having belly and all. Please take care of yourself and the little peanut!


  3. This is an absolute true story. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I would read a children’s book aloud every morning and at night when going to sleep I would sing “Jesus Loves Me.” When my daughter was born and began to get colicky at about 6 weeks, the only things that would calm her down in the slightest was me singing that song and reading to her. She is a mommy herself now and cntinues to have a passion for books and for Jesus.

  4. My music teacher at school told us about a case where these babies would only calm down when they heard the theme song of a particular TV show — turned out their mothers were really busy while pregnant, and watching that show was the only time they got to sit down and relax.

  5. Hardierlime from twitter here…

    I used the BabyPlus Prenatal Education system in addition to strapping headphones around my belly (we did classical, Beatles, Metallica and everywhere in between). It was my one “crazy” pregnancy purchase that I allowed myself. I didn’t use it as consistently as the instructions told me to, but I used it on my long drives to and from work.

    Did it work? I don’t know, but my girl has always been pretty good about sleeping through the night. And at 19mo, she remembers dance moves to all of her favorite songs, organizes her toys (lines them up, pairs them off, etc.), has been taking the stairs with ease for months…So, maybe she would have done all those things anyway, but I like to think that Babyplus helped.

    As for taking Spawnie on a trip to see relatives, we did a 2 week road trip with our 6-8 week old (and my then 13 year old stepdaughter), going from Dallas to Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, back to Indiana and back to Dallas again. You can totally do Georgia and Utah – though they are in opposite directions, so you could stop back at home to regroup before doing it again!

  6. LOVE this post, and I love the Heisman talk….it could SO happen! The pictures are great & you look so cute pregnant!

    I played music to my daughter when I was pregnant with her…James Taylor…it was the same thing my Mom played for me after I was born. I have loved James Taylor for as long as I can remember and didn’t find out until recently that she use to play it for me. He isn’t quite from my “era” but I am just drawn to his music because it relaxes me. So I say I played it for her when I was pregnant but it was for me too! I don’t know if it had anything to do with my choice of music but my daughter slept thru the night from the first day she was born, it was HEAVEN! And when she would fight going to bed as a toddler I would some of his music and she would be asleep in no time. She is 7 now and gets so excited when she hears a James Taylor song on the radio or when I play it on my Ipod with no knowledge that I played it for her when I was carrying her. Now all that could just be a great coincidence but it seems to all fit for me! LOL!

    I say play away, even if it is not life changing for your baby it will still be enjoyable for them. They have to get bored after a while!!!

  7. Aw seeing how excited you are to have this baby makes me want one so bad My husband just went into the Army so were going to wait till were stationed somewhere and all settled down before we have one of our own..I love your blog its so adorable!


  8. I have lived by that quote (at the beginning) for a long time. I’m glad it has been passed along because it really speaks the truth about the people in your life!

    You are so adorable! Keep up the good job “cooking”!

  9. you do look definitely pregnant now! So cute! how exciting! I really enjoy reading about your journey! It inspires me so that someday when I become pregnant I can enjoy it and plan for it the way you do! I’ll do my best to continue to vote for you so you can get the breast pump 🙂

  10. I would sing and read anything in my hand to them while they were in the womb. I would read the newspaper to them every day. After my son was born, I sang him one of the songs I always used to sing to him and his eyes immediately popped open and he got a smirk on his face. You’ll see. From birth, kids are more brilliant than many Dr.’s have realized yet! :o)

    My best, Lynn

  11. I totally love your preggo belly! It is so funny because my best friend is 20 weeks and just found out yesterday she is having a girl…But you cant even tell she is preggo yet. Her mom didnt show until about 26-28 weeks so it will be fun to see what happens to her!

  12. Okay, first of all – you’re cute. LOL…I totally plan to make my baby listen to Beethoven and church hymns. Ingrain that in early!

    Secondly – you’re nails are just ridiculous! How do you function woman?!!!! I’m always like “No, shorter….shorter….shorter” and the guy is like “You don wan any naiw at aw? Why you get acrywic nail?”

    Okay that was bad. But funny.

  13. Congratulations! I did not read or play music for my kids when I was pregnant. But they love music and my little one sleeps with numerous books every night! You look great! Love the letter to the baby, what a great idea!

    Stopped by for SITS!

  14. I watched a lot of tv shows on dvd during my pregnancies. I swear that both of my kids are attached to certain tv show theme songs. It’s like they’ve always known theme. (Friends, Smallville, Gilmore Girls)

  15. Wow! 16 weeks!! I can’t believe how quickly time flies. You are rocking a super cute little baby belly, you tiny thing you. And I love the belly-down shot 🙂

  16. reading this blog i got teary eyed! i absolutely loved listening to his heart beat. what a beautiful blog and media clip to let him see and hear when he’s older.

  17. Yes! My dh is Vietnamese and he speaks the language. I do not. Not a lick. So we put head phones on the belly so they could hear it. They loved it and to this day they still like the music

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