15 Things moms love to do on Facebook and my Anniversary

I’ve been stalking my friends pages (and taking a second-look at my own) to research for this post. I decided to share it today on my BabyCenter blog. Are you guilty of some of these?

Tomorrow is my 7-year wedding anniversary and I’m still racking my brain trying to think of a little somethin’ somethin’ I can get my husband. Now that we have Lil’ J I’m kicking myself for having our wedding so close to Christmas. I took the day off so I’ll be back to blogging here (with my 365s) tomorrow.

My grandparents came to visit and my grandma and I were sewing and baking (ok, she was baking, I was eating) up a storm. I made this dress for Lil’ J using her fancy machine while she was here.

Hope you’re enjoying the holidays!

YUMMommy says:

Cute dress. Men can be so hard to shop for. I’ve learned that a graphic tee, polo, wallet or new watch works for my husband on gift giving occasions.

Penelope says:

Happy Anniversary!

Quiana says:

Sounds like you’re having a fun time with your family! Happy Anniversary!

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