13 Years Ago: This is What Happened When I Took a Leap of Faith

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Do you believe in fate? Or that there’s some sort of plan laid out for you? Not that you don’t have a choice in the matter, but that some things are just meant to be?

I feel like so much of my life has been, not decided, but led by a power so much greater than me and a pivotal part of that started 13 years ago.

The first glimpse I got of him was in the kitchen of my BYU dorm room. I was 18, he 22. We were kids, meeting for the first time on a blind date.–Or something like that.

I had no idea what he looked like, or much about him, other than the fact that we had a similar taste in music and a connection to Atlanta. I knew he had recently returned from a 2-year mission trip to the Caribbean and I was intrigued… And in a slightly desperate position if I’m being honest.

We had had a couple of friendly phone conversations. One had been earlier that day. In an effort to rush him off the phone I asked him to call me back later that night. I thought I’d be on a double date with someone else, but that date fell through. When he called back, on a whim I asked if he wanted to go out with me. We took a leap, and the rest is history.

I used to wonder if I’d ever get married, what my husband might be like, and how marriage would be. I wondered if I’d have children, and have a happy life.

13 years ago all the answers to those questions started to come together.

What’s meant to be

I’ve replayed the events that lead up the that night so many different times. So many random pieces had to fall into place for us to meet and I don’t believe it was just a coincidence.

June 23rd is the anniversary of the day we met. Six months later we got married. It hasn’t been all rainbows and roses, but believing we weren’t brought together by chance has helped during the tough times.

I’ve learned to recognize that same feeling of intuition and guidance as I’ve taken leap of faith after leap of faith: Diving into motherhood, new careers, and homeschool–All with that familiar sensation of fire and excitement in my chest. Scared for the change but somehow confident in the outcome.

Yes, I absolutely believe some things are meant to be. This day every year reminds me of that. And that there is so much goodness and potential out there for all of us. We just have to listen to that still small voice, and be brave enough to follow it.

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  1. just to add to the thought of things meant to be, my wife and i met in july, 1976, got together in august, 1976, and got married in october, 1976. this year makes it 41 years and all things had to be in just the right place at the right time. when we met i was living in another state and came home just for the week-end, and all things fell together after that

      1. thank you jennifer, it has been work at times. but still i wouldn’t want to be with anyone else

  2. Nice post! I can relate to the feeling of being led by a greater force. I believe the Lord brought me and my husband together for a reason, and that belief has kept me going in some very challenging times. Congrats to you and you hubby!!

  3. LOL you told him to call you back to get him off the phone, then when he did, you asked him out! It goes to show, you just never know the plan for your life. Congratulations on your 13 years!

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