The morning of our 10 year anniversary: He Says/ She Says

As I lie in bed thinking about how fun it has been to get away for a few days just to celebrate us I wonder how the next 10 years of marriage will go. Are the first 10 years the hardest? I ask myself. If so, we’ve got this in the bag.

Just then my husband turns over and I wonder if he’s waking up for the morning after a blissful nights rest, or just stirring. It looks like his eyes are closed but I can’t be sure.

“Why are you looking at me all weird?” He says to me. The first words out of his mouth on our start to year 11.

Yep. We got this in the bag.

interracial wedding


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  1. Congratulations on 10 years and a beautiful family!! I have recently discovered your blog and love it. Wishing you both the very best!!

  2. marriage is hard work together but well worth it . its been 40 yrs we been together when it gets rough just go back an remember why you got together an always be willing to rekindle the fire . many blessings to you

  3. Congratulations! I wish you guys many more awesome years together. My husband and I will celebrate our 14th anniversary May 19th. I am hoping next year we can get away together. Marriage is awesome!

  4. Congrats
    Me and my husband are on year 13
    Weird we never “celebrate it” we say something like “isn’t our anniversary coming up?” “yeah it is, huh, cool” then we reminisce on that serendipitous day: we both proposed to each other. we were drunk on turkey from thanksgiving and could barely see straight and there was allot of “I love you man” “I love you too” drowsy word slurring then “will you marry me?” me dazed off looking at the ceiling “huh?” him “will you marry me?” me “uhhhh will you marry me?” we’re both confused at this point and say “yes” been blissfully happy since, and will not let our daughters celebrate thanksgiving anywhere but at home. The turkey can make you do some crazy things.

      1. It was so surreal it’s seared in my brain lol.
        I have not written it down (i don’t know why) I guess because we laugh about it every anniversary.

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