10 Things I’ll do differently next time around

I often think about what I’ll do differently with my next pregnancy/birth/child. Pregnancy was SO FUN. I really enjoyed it. Every bit, right down to my cankles. In fact, I was a little obsessed with my cankles. Still am.

I don’t have any regrets, but there are some things I didn’t do with Lil’ J that I want toΒ try next time. You know, new experiments to do with my next victim. So without further adieu, here’s my growing list of “next time arounds.”

1. Not tell anyone I’m pregnant until I’m extremely fat. Not even my husband (kidding… sorta). Actually, it would be cool if I didn’t even know until I was really fat.
2. I’ll get a 3D/4D Ultrasound. It’s one thing I didn’t do with Lil’ J that I wish I had.
3. Whatever my due date is, I’m adding a week to it from the start and calling that my due date. I know no baby of mine is going to be early, so I might as well expect it to be at least a week late. That way when I’m a week late (really two weeks) it won’t be so stressful.
4. I won’t find out the gender. I’m still not sure I’m brave enough to follow through with this. Maybe with baby #3. But I figure baby #2 doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or boy cause I’ll be happy for Lil’ J to have a sister close in age, but I’ll also be just as happy to have one of each out of the way. If I have two girls I’ll be dying to know if #3 is a boy. So it’s the perfect opportunity for a surprise baby.
5. Buy cute maternity clothes. I was so excited I didn’t need special maternity clothes, but I sorta wish I had. I think getting a few comfy maternity jeans and shirts can be something I have to look forward to with baby #2.
6. Take more bare belly photos. I only have a few from my maternity shoot with Tara and I wasn’t even that big. I want to take a photo on the way to the hospital with skin and all.
7. Give birth in water. This isn’t mandatory but I think it could be cool. Unless of course I get induced again. If that’s the case I want an epidural right away. Which leads us to #8…
8. I’m getting the epidural ASAP. I waited as long as I could before, which was cool. My water broke and I was 5 centimeters dilated, but next time, just give me the drugs when I get there.
9. Give him/her a binky right away. It doesn’t have to be habit-forming, but I’d like the kid to like them. Maybe he/she would have more of a chance if I actually gave him/her one from the start. No milk is coming out of the binky and I have yet to meet a baby who prefers a non-food producing binky over eating.
10. Move him/her to their own bed sooner. Like maybe even right away. Ok, maybe not that soon, but I’m not going to wait 5 months next time.

I think of more of these things daily, but I imagine I’ll forget most of them by the time it’s time for #2.

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  1. Just a note about our situation, both of our girls have been in their own crib since we brought them home. Our bedroom is really small and there is no room for anything but our bed and dresser in there so it was not possible for the girls to be in with us. Cosleeping does not work for our family either so the crib it was. Elsa is a great sleeper, she always has been. Dixie wakes up at most 2 times a night if she does wake up. It is really great to have that time away, even though they are the next room over.

  2. I loved getting our 3/4D ultrasounds they were so cool and it’s nice to look at once baby comes, although I have to admit I haven’t looked at since a month or two after Baby C was born.

    Good luck not finding out the gender, you seem like such a planner like me and I HAD to know!

    Funny enough the first time around I wore maternity clothes, lots of them but the second time around I preferred my own clothes, I felt like they made me look smaller and looked just as cute.

    Definitely have to do a bare belly finger painting session with Baby J, we did this and it was a neat bonding experience for our oldest plus lots of fun painting mommy’s belly. Not that you’re ready yet, but I have a post on things you can do to prepare #1 for #2 whenever you’re ready πŸ™‚

    We love paci and even a little bit of cosleeping, but mommy and daddy need their space too πŸ™‚

    Great list overall!!

  3. My daughter is 11 months old today and I was up so late last night thinking of things I would have done differently–and will do differently next time. I definitely agree with your number one. Which will be hard if I actually go through with it. And as for your number 10, my daughter was in her own room at 2 weeks–and it has been wonderful.


  4. Try hypnobabies… I used that with no 2 and didn’t ask for drugs til 7cm. (With no 1 it was more like 5cm or even 3cm!) Truly, I could have gone no drugs if I hadn’t been hooked to the bed with an IV for Group B Step stuff and the baby monitor since little man wouldn’t move enough to satisfy them. I still managed to labor that long in bed thanks to hypnobabies! Will be using it again with no 3.

  5. I think of these things too and my son is 4! Next time (hopefully this year) I’m not telling anyone but my husband right away, not even our parents which will be really hard and I’m keeping the name a secret until the kid is born. Well, at least I’m not telling strangers or anyone who is not family.

  6. I am DEFINITELY going to try #9 with baby #2! I still can’t get her to take a paci at all. She gags, spits it out, and gets upset…and I’ve tried every size and style they make. I have a fortune’s worth of pacis in a basket in her closet! lol

    I wish I had taken bare belly pics…I didn’t take any, so I’m hoping God gives us another chance to do that!

    And, after going through little over 40 hours of natural, unmedicated labor, with 13 of those hours on a maximum dose of Pitocin, I think I may consider pain meeds with my next birth! lol

  7. I didn’t take any belly pics with Moo. In fact, all but two of the photos from when I was preggers with her were taken by my family. I’m certainly making more of an effort to take more pics this time around.

  8. Interesting list…makes a future mommy like me think about what to do with number 1.

    PS when you announce on your blog that you’re preggo with #2, I will comment on your post with a link to this one so you don’t forget haha

  9. I have a boy and a girl so I keep saying I’m not going to find out when/if we have a #3. Both of mine were in a crib from night 1 and my baby girl wouldn’t take a binky-she’s stuck on the thumb.

    My labor was super fast and i didn’t have time for the epidural to work with #2, so I totally agree with getting it earlier. πŸ™‚

  10. Good list!

    #4 – I feel you on this one! We were inundated with pink newborn clothes once we announced the gender. Next time I’ll know but won’t share with anyone. Would’ve liked more gender neutral, older clothes

    #10 – My daughter is 5 months old now and just started sleeping in her own room in her crib, but we had her in her co-sleeper from the start. LOVE the co-sleeper, but I DO NOT miss her being in our room AT ALL! LOL!

  11. I’m with you on #8. I felt I had to wait as long as possible before getting mine, and opted to get it along with the Pitocin. Forget that! I was so incredibly relaxed after getting the epidural that I’m not waiting next time. The anesthesiologist said he wished all women would just get them at the beginning and make their lives so much easier.

    I also agree with #9. I tried to resist giving her a binky, but sometimes they just need to suck on something. However, I’m sticking to my guns about only offering it when they need it. My relatives keep trying to put a binkie in my daughter’s mouth even if she’s clearly fine without it.


  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks about this.

    I would not swaddle my baby. My 3 month old is addicted to it and I wish that I hadn’t swaddled her. It’s going to be a really hard habit to break. Plus my baby loves her hands. I’d like her to figure out how to suck her thumb to sleep.

    I would like to go more natural. If I have to be induced, I would get the epidural right away, but I’d like to go on my own and not have any pain relief.

    I’m with you on not wanting to find out what I’m having. I don’t think I can convince DH on this one, though.

    And I will try not to gain so much weight. 48 pounds is WAY TOO MUCH!!

  13. Oh and I am determined to try to nurse without a stupid nip.ple shield! And that will make it so hopefully we can co-sleep. As it is now, I can’t manage nursing lying down, so I have to get up. That kind of defeats the purpose of co-sleeping.

  14. I didn’t find out the gender of my first baby, and it was HARD! People kept speculating, boy or girl, boy or girl. And finding gender-neutral clothes and decor wasn’t easy. But now that we’ve done it, my hubby and I have decided to find out the gender the next time around.

    I so agree with you on the pain medication. I panted and walked through 44 hours of natural labor, then finally asked for an epidural. I was so worried about getting it, but when it went in, ahhhh. Bliss! What was I so worried about?!

    I wonder what a water birth would be like. Like you, I’m curious.

  15. Interesting list. It sounds like someone has been thinking about baby #2-6 a lot lately. Hhhhmmm…you know the mind is pretty powerful. You may just start thinking up a few babies. Kidding.

  16. Hmm. I agree with your binky tip. I didn’t give a pacifier to my little man until over a week after he was born (because of advice from breastfeeding professionals). Oh how I wished my colicy baby would take a binky. Now he will suck on the side of one, but doesn’t understand how to just suck on a pacifier. I will totally change that next time around too:) Thanks for all the thoughts.

  17. I didn’t get an epidural and I don’t think I’ll get one next time either. Personal preference. But I would DEF get a 3D ultrasound. That would be so amazing! And I will definitely take more belly shots (professional ones!) and… how COOL would a water birth be?

  18. Interesting list of things you’ll do different next time around. I know I will find a lactation consultant to help ASAP, do a follow up with my hypno-therapist so I can get into a deeper relaxed state this time around, figure out a way to put my hair up like you did and no pictures until I comb my hair and wash my face please and the belly painting photo op sounds awesome.

  19. I had a water birth and loved it! Definitely will do it again. We didn’t find out the gender (not our decision, she wouldn’t cooperate!) and we have both agreed that we don’t want to find out next time around. It was a lot of fun those last few weeks looking forward to finding out and it was a motivator during labor also.

  20. One thing i didn’t do with my second pregancy was to buy the maternity clothings, jeans, yes because you do need them but shirts, dresses, skirts..you definitely dont need those. I went to H & M and spend $100 and got 7 shirts that lasted me my whole pregnancy, I only had like two pairs of mat. jeans and I bought regular dresses in bigger sizes and just added a small best around the bias. at least you can wear them again after pregnancy as I still wear all my close no and I lost all my baby weight and then some (my shirts were mostly stretch material).

    I definitely wish I took more belly pics with my youngest..I think I have like 2 pictures of that pregancy (poor kid)

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