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I watch your dad toss you in the air, and your face lights up with so much happiness. He’s the one you ask for shoulder ride, or to stop at the gas station for a snack. There are little things you two share together that I don’t get in between, but love to watch.

And Little Leechie, he already is in love with you. He’ll reach out and feel you move around in my belly and takes deciding your name very seriously. Trust me, he’s not just leaving it up to me (though sometimes I wish he would). He already knows how awesome having a daughter is, and I know he’d love another, but I also think he would be totally thrilled to have a son.

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I’ve always been the one to start the baby talk, but he’s never fell short of being an awesome dad. Big sister and he get regular one-on-one time when I’m at work. I’m sure you two will also.

He’s one one of the nicest people I know, and family has always been very important to him. When we were young and just met, we became our own family pretty fast. I fell head over heels in love with him a couple weeks after we met. The rest has been history.

Right off the bat we hit it off. We understand each other and he really gets me. I think I get him too, even though sometimes I wish I didn’t cause he’s kinda strange.

I’ve always been the more outgoing one in our relationship. I love planning things for us to do, getting out and about, and meeting new people. Your dad is the shy one, and more of a homebody. He’d say he’s the funny one, and I let him think that.

Sometimes I feel like we’re playing house because we have so much fun just being together and having a family, making decisions together, and being best friends.

We’re lucky that we rarely argue, and when we do I think we do a pretty good job of getting everything out in the air, then settling the disagreement without letting it keep us in a bad mood. I think that communication is important in any relationship. Even when he does royally tick me off, I can’t stay angry for long, at all.

Basically what I’m saying is your dad is a pretty cool guy, I hope you can see how much we love each other, and I hope you’ll find that for yourself some day… A long long time from now.


This was another late installment in my 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me series (trying to pick up the ball). Feel free to play along!

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