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Dear Daughter,

I was bracing myself for a huge wave of sadness about you turning seven but it hasn’t hit.

I don’t know if seven feels a lot like six, or if we just see so much of each other now that time doesn’t seem to be going quite a fast. Except for when it does.

One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed in you this last year is your desire to stretch your wings a bit more. I’m noticing your self-determination to go for what you want and achieve your goals.

You made a dream board last year and you’ve been crossing items off left and right. As you continue to shoot for the stars, I want to be there to help you reach them.

Letter to my daughter- Mommy and me self-protraits in Disney Leggings LulaRoe

Call me selfish but I love how much you value time spent with me. You are enjoying homeschooling and having me as your teacher. You enjoy traveling with me, but you also have fun just sitting on the couch and snuggling next to me. Your desire to cuddle hasn’t diminished with age at all.

My bedroom or near me is your preferred choice for sleeping, but recently you decided it was worth trying to sleep in your own bed if it meant that you could earn a slumber party with me after a certain amount of time.

When you set your mind to something you go for it. That’s often to my own detriment because you’re constantly negotiating and usually winning.

Letter to my daughter- Mommy and me self-portraits in Disney Leggings LulaRoe

I love how much you love finding reasons to celebrate. From movie nights to poetry tea parties at the end of the week, to desserts for achieving a goal–You love having a reason to have a party. Your joy helps me notice more things I should be grateful for.

You are so full of questions. You question everything. From politics to history to religion and science. I’m constantly telling you to ask me again later so we can research–Not because I’m trying to put off your questions but because I have no clue what the answer is, but I’m just as curious as you are to find out. My goal is to always help you seek out answers to your questions. No matter how hard they get.

I’m so proud of the girl you are becoming. You challenge norms, aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself, and for others. You are so kind. I’ve noticed you are embracing who you are more and more every day. Your dark skin, curly hair, your peppy attitude and curiosity are all qualities you proudly share with those around you.

Letter to my daughter- Mommy and me self-portraits in Disney Leggings LulaRoe

I am so lucky to be your mom. I’m trying my best to raise you to be confidant in who you are, and courageous enough to be your best self.

As you start your 8th year of life I have one piece of advice: Let your light so shine baby girl. Shine bright.




When washing my daughter’s hair in the tub her curls stretch down to her hips. My little sister (my hair assistant for the night) stood by me, and commented.

“Her hair is SO LONG,” she said.

Yea, and she has a lot of it.

Naturally curly hair toddler girlOur hair routine has changed since I wrote it years ago, and it’s about time I write some updates with new favorite products and what not… I’ll get to it soon. But lately, almost every time while washing her hair I admire the length, adorable soft curls, and I can’t help it as my mind wanders, wondering what it would look like blown straight.

Now don’t freak out. I don’t even own a blow drier, and I haven’t used heat on my hair for about a year. I’m enjoying my natural curls, and it’s all Lil’ J has ever known for herself. But curiosity tends to get the best of me.

I asked my mom when she straightened my hair for the first time. If her memory serves her correctly I was about eight. My sister was four. Straightening for us never meant chemicals, but rather a hot comb that was set on a stove and pulled through my hair after it was blown straight. Later in life it meant flat irons.

Nowadays I feel many moms like myself lean in the other direction, not wanting to touch our daughters’ precious curls with a spec of heat, much less chemicals.

My mom (thankfully) never allowed me to chemically straighten my hair. I’m so grateful for that.

The nice thing about our hair is that the curls come naturally. A fancy blow-out wouldn’t be too difficult here and there in the future, and a rinse under the shower will bring the curls back to life.

The downside however is bringing that awareness to her mind. Would she love her straight hair more? Would I be planting some sort of self-hating seed?

Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. She’d be fine. But I’m not going down that road just yet. Curiosity can wait. At least until she starts asking about it a dozen times or so. Then I may consider it, and I might be a tad excited at the opportunity to experiment together.

Do you have girls with curly hair? Do you ever experiment with blowing it straight? 

My Sweet Daughter,

Congratulations! You’ve made it to three years of age, and your golden birthday. We survived the “terrible twos” barely breaking a sweat.

This last year has been a whirlwind. Not long after your last birthday you found out you were going to be a big sister, and you have been an even happier little girl ever since. Your vocabulary has exploded, and I just love having conversations with you. I’m not afraid to use words far past your years because I know you’ll pick them up.
Happy to be 3
Speaking of picking thing up–You are a little sponge! You’ll hear something from I-don’t-even-know-where and repeat it to us. I’m blown away by your retention. It keeps us on our toes… And laughing a lot. For example, you spilt something in the kitchen and I got upset. Instead of crying yourself, or feeling bad, you looked at me and said “take a breath and count to four.” It’s something you picked up from a show you like to watch called Daniel Tiger (a cartoon remake of a show I watched when I was a kid).

You’ve been excited for your birthday this entire year. You told us you wanted “A Rapunzel party at the jumpy place” and that’s exactly what you had.

Some of your favorite things are books, playing pretend, making up stories, and playing dress-up. You also absolutely love working in the kitchen with me. It’s not often enough but when we get together and bake either muffins, or cobbler, or pancakes, it’s a blast.

Watching you love on your brother melts my heart. I’ve never seen a child so sweet with their younger sibling as I have with you. You ask if he’s “awake or asleep” and you always ask him to “talk” to you. That entails me speaking for him, but you don’t mind. He can’t crawl yet but you like me to position him in different places around the house while you two play hide and seek. I can’t wait to watch as you two grow older and closer.

You love it when we chase you anywhere. You ask us to chase you to your room, to our room, to the bathroom and the car. You love to run and run fast! Maybe you’ll be a track star some day.

Since we’re on the topic of sports–Three opens up a lot of options for you in terms of classes you can take without me. I think you’re going to do a week of summer camp next week, and probably ballet lessons pretty soon. You like to dance around and say you’re a balerina so I think you’ll love it.

lil j

I’m not sure if most kids your age think this way, but you like to tell us what you want to be when you grow up. Lately you say a fireman, but you’ve said all sorts of things from an astronaut, to a police officer, to a cowboy or doctor.

Sleep doesn’t come so easily for you these days. I take it you get it from me. I’m surprised how late you can stay up. Once you were up with me until 5am. Lately I’ve let you sleep in our room with us more. I’m not sure what’s gotten into you not wanting to stay in your room, but it’s cute, and I know you won’t want to sleep in my bed forever, so it’s ok.

So far you’ve been as sweet as can be. Sure, there have been times where you’ve shown your inner-diva, but two wasn’t terrible at all. Sadly, I hear three-year-olds are a nightmare. “Even worse than two,” they tell me. It’s hard to picture you transforming into a crazy child-monster but I’m bracing myself just in case.

Nothing beats you telling me you love me, and you giant hugs. I love you so much!



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