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Do you believe in fate? Or that there’s some sort of plan laid out for you? Not that you don’t have a choice in the matter, but that some things are just meant to be?

I feel like so much of my life has been, not decided, but led by a power so much greater than me and a pivotal part of that started 13 years ago.

The first glimpse I got of him was in the kitchen of my BYU dorm room. I was 18, he 22. We were kids, meeting for the first time on a blind date.–Or something like that.

I had no idea what he looked like, or much about him, other than the fact that we had a similar taste in music and a connection to Atlanta. I knew he had recently returned from a 2-year mission trip to the Caribbean and I was intrigued… And in a slightly desperate position if I’m being honest.

We had had a couple of friendly phone conversations. One had been earlier that day. In an effort to rush him off the phone I asked him to call me back later that night. I thought I’d be on a double date with someone else, but that date fell through. When he called back, on a whim I asked if he wanted to go out with me. We took a leap, and the rest is history.

I used to wonder if I’d ever get married, what my husband might be like, and how marriage would be. I wondered if I’d have children, and have a happy life.

13 years ago all the answers to those questions started to come together.

What’s meant to be

I’ve replayed the events that lead up the that night so many different times. So many random pieces had to fall into place for us to meet and I don’t believe it was just a coincidence.

June 23rd is the anniversary of the day we met. Six months later we got married. It hasn’t been all rainbows and roses, but believing we weren’t brought together by chance has helped during the tough times.

I’ve learned to recognize that same feeling of intuition and guidance as I’ve taken leap of faith after leap of faith: Diving into motherhood, new careers, and homeschool–All with that familiar sensation of fire and excitement in my chest. Scared for the change but somehow confident in the outcome.

Yes, I absolutely believe some things are meant to be. This day every year reminds me of that. And that there is so much goodness and potential out there for all of us. We just have to listen to that still small voice, and be brave enough to follow it.

While I’m dreaming up our next family vacation, or what photo I might want to hang in my new Mom Cave, my husband is making plans for a space of his own.

The garage is his domain. And he’s turned it from a regular two-car garage to a fitness oasis. And just when I think he’s done, he informs me of his plans to add more. But I don’t complain or even mind, because his man cave is open to all. And by all I mean our kids. Which is a huge bonus for me.

BYU Garage gym, Craftsman products from Sears

Recently he decided he wanted to give his space a little makeover. A couple years ago we went to Sears and got him some Craftsman products to help improve his space: A wet/dry vac to keep the floors clean; a storage cabinet to keep his equipment organized; a fan to cool the room when we were working out and a toolbox. He had a lot of the supplies he needed, but the look could use an upgrade. And if your husband is like mine and loves a good toolbox or DIY project, Sears is offering up to 50% off of Craftsman tools from now until 6/18.

He went and eyeballed some blue paint and had painters cover the three walls from white to cobalt blue.

When it was done? He HATED it. The blue wasn’t BYU blue. I liked it, but he held up posters and t-shirts to compare and show me it was off. For a week he researched official blues and came up with a whole color scheme and design idea.

We had the painters come back, re-do it with new colors, then installed a BYU border along the top. Now it’s perfect! … Or so I thought.

little girl doing box jumps in a garage man cave

“I think I want a TV in there,” my husband said a couple days ago.

We have two TVs in the house and four tablets. I’m not exactly too keen on the idea of more screens. But he says it would be nice for the kids to have something to watch while he finishes his workouts–Giving me more alone time. He was definitely trying to make it sound appealing. And it was working!

With Father’s Day coming up I’m sorta in the “why not?” boat. Smart TVs are pretty inexpensive these days and it would really top off his Man Cave. So this week I’m heading back to Sears to pick one out with the kids, and maybe even a mini fridge if I’m feeling extra generous. In all honesty it’ll likely end up being stocked with water, snacks and juice boxes for the kids, because that’s the kind of dad he is. And exactly why he deserves it.
What are you getting the man in your life for Father’s Day this year?

When we’re picking up our gift at Sears we’ll use the hashtag #ItsTimeForDad on Twitter. Join us and do the same!


I’m sharing our story in partnership with Sears, however all opinions are my own. Whether you’re looking to makeover your dad’s look or where he spends his time, Sears offers a wide range of home merchandise, apparel, and automotive products and services, so you will find just the right gifts for all the dads in your life at all different price points to fit your budget. Visit: to find something for the man in your life.

creating the perfect man cave

One night in a Holiday Inn, and a three-hour drive to Houston. That was all it took to get all of us to smile again after a rough coupe of weeks. This past weekend we packed our car and hit the road for a quick getaway and much-needed family fun.

We’d had the date on our calendar for months. BYU Football was coming to Texas for a fan fest and if you know us, you know this is a big deal.

My husband and I met at BYU and spent a good portion of our early-married years attending BYU sporting events. It’s safe to say our little family legacy started here. I wasn’t much of a sports fan until I met him. And now we’re all fans because of him.

Twelve years later we’re instilling a love in our children and it’s so fun to watch it grow.

Our kids have seen Cosmo the Cougar on TV but last weekend they finally got to meet him in person. He did a backflip and picked Lil’ J up for a photo that perfectly recreates one I took with him about 10 years ago.

My daughter’s eyes opened wide when I showed her the picture of Cosmo and me from all those years ago. I thought it was from excitement, but then she asked “How could he hold YOU?!”

So it was the shock of his strength under my weight that was really admirable.

Do you have a then and now story?

What’s something you’ve loved for a long time? Does your child share the same interest? Dig up some old photos and discuss them with your child tell them some of your story. Then set a goal to recreate a photo from your youth.

I’d love if you shared it with me! You can post it on my Facebook wall, email it to me or share it in our #Cherish365 Facebook group.

This is what family memories are made of. #familytime #familyacitivies

Remember how before kids you were young and fun and have plans every weekend? Well, maybe some people still maintain that fun lifestyle but I’ve gone the boring route. Yes. I think I’m officially entering old and boring territory. My husband has been there for a while (sometimes I think he was born that way). But I’m entering that realm and I’m not sure what I think about it.

I laugh to myself when friends ask me what our weekend plans are because it’s almost always the same–Hanging out at home.

Sometimes we’ll get a little crazy and venture out to do some shopping or hit up the outlet malls. But more than likely we’re at home, maybe watching football or playing in the back yard.

This weekend was no different.

We are homebodies. And I’m not ashamed.

But… BUT… We do make our time at home interesting from time to time.

For instance, my daughter’s absolute favorite thing to do is to darken the room, have daddy build a fort, then watch a Disney movie (or a BYU football game).

Our Cougars played this weekend so we were due for a fort and I decided to help this time.

I told the kids to wait and play in the playroom and enlisted my husband’s professional help so we could surprise them. I had a brilliant idea to use my tripods to add height then went all out with twine and clothespins and lights and layers and layers of sheets. Not to toot my own horn but I actually did a pretty good job.




When they came in the room to see it their faces lit up and they were excited to climb inside.

“This is AMAZING!” Lil’ J said. She praised my work and asked just how much her daddy helped me.

The kids climbed inside and I joined them with a snack. We cheered during the exciting game that went back and forth. When we were down Lil’ J said the game was a “disasterpiece” and couldn’t wait for it to be “middletime.”


At “middle time” we practiced reading and the kids played in the fort. I wound up falling asleep inside it before the end of the game but woke up to catch the game-winning play.


We spent all weekend in that fort. I’m talking eating, sleeping, playing, watching TV. This was partly because I couldn’t bare to take it down and partly because it was General Conference (a semi-annual televised service for my church) playing and this made watching it more entertaining.

It was just another ordinary weekend at home–But hyped up with a dose of imagination and flare. It may seem boring to some or even to myself 10 years ago, but it’s our life and we’re enjoying all of it.







My family loves making the most of ordinary moments which is why we partnered with Life Cereal on this post. A big thanks to them for sending us a “homebody” kit that fits our personalities to pimp out our forts and make lasting memories. And for inspiring families to cherish those every day moments and Enjoy all of it.

Build a fort together. Activities to do as a family.

“Do you remember the first game we went to?” I asked my husband casually as we were getting the kids ready for bed.

“The first game when we were married?” He asked for clarification but kept going before I could answer. “It was BYU vs Tulsa game, we won by a lot. And that was our first game as students, that would have been fall 2006. We walked there from our apartment. Why?”

A simple “yes I do” was really all I was looking for, but he went on.

BYU family superfans

“We took pictures, I was wearing a dark blue shirt and a white hat. Don’t you remember?”

No, I didn’t but I googled it to see if he was just talking out of his rear end and sure enough, he was spot on. BYU vs Tulsa, Oklahoma at Lavell Edwards Stadium. We won 49-24.

This set off a challenge of sorts where I challenged his insane ability to recall BYU football games and their scores.

“Do you remember the first game in 2010?”

BYU family superfans

He thought for a moment.

“[Our daughter] was just born so she would have been really little. We played Washington at home,and won” He said confidently.

He was good. Almost too good.

“Are you reading your phone?” I asked him. By this time Lil’ J knew we were talking about BYU football and she was interested in this conversation. She went over to see if he had his phone in his hand and shook her head.

“It wouldn’t be fun if I was cheating!” He said.

“Ok, bonus points for guessing the score.” I egged him on.

“Hmmm,” my husband started. “23 to 17?”

I laughed. Exactly.

BYU family superfans

“Ok, this is seriously disturbing,” I said. “How in the world do you know all this?”

“Because I watched the game!”

“But I watched the game too and I don’t remember any of this.”

“He watches them a lot,” Lil’ J chimed in with her opinion on the matter.

“Is it because you watched the highlights?” I asked. But he insisted he doesn’t watch anything that recent.

BYU family superfans

Basically I’m married to a BYU football encyclopedia. He was spatting everything from which quarterbacks were playing to who was coaching other teams in random years from 2005 to now.

It’s this passion that has already begun to infuse into our daughter.

She pleaded time and time again to have a BYU Football themed birthday party this year but we persuaded her to do something more of her friends would understand.

We watch every game together as a family. She doesn’t understand the rules but she finds herself invested for a couple of reasons. One, if we win, we go out for ice cream. Two, she can’t get enough of the excited energy–Particularly the energy of her daddy during a game.

BYU family superfans

On game day there’s a lot of screaming and cheering and yelling at the TV. Our son gets a little intimidated by all of the commotion. He’ll dress up with us, even don his BYU helmet, but he tends to tell us we’re too loud when we get overly excited.


Our daughter on the other hand, lives for that. She will probably never forget the night we won a game (I can’t remember which one but I know if I asked my husband right now he’d tell me) and he ran out the back door and into the yard screaming and cheering. That has pretty much been the coolest moment of her life.

I guess it’s in her blood. And I have a feeling she’ll be reciting game stats and random facts soon enough.

During our Disney Cruise last year the announcement hit that BYU’s football coach Bronco Mendenhall was leaving to go coach at another school. My husband, and in turn, my daughter was distraught.

“But whyyyy?” She wanted to know why he would leave. With tears in her eyes she tried to negotiate. “If I finish all of my dinner will Bronco stay at BYU?”

My husband and I couldn’t contain our laughter, but we reassured her that we’d find another coach. And we did.

Coach Kalani Sitake now leads our team and Lil’ J tells anyone who will listen.

“We’re celebrating because Kalani Sitake won his first game at BYU!” She told my mom the day after the first game.

I could be wrong, but I think she loves it so much because of how happy her daddy gets about it. She feeds off that joy and excited emotion.

BYU family superfans

I can’t blame her. I’m not sure I would have fallen so in love with BYU sports had it not been for my husband’s passion for it, and all the fun we had going to the games when we were in college. I guess in a way our kids were doomed from birth.

Lil’ J says she wants a family birthday party with a white and blue frosted cake and BYU highlights playing in the background. Next year, if she asks again maybe we’ll give her that BYU football party she’s been asking for. Until then, go cougars!

Does your family have any team spirit? 

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