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What do you do when your child shows an unrelenting interest in something? A passion and drive you’d only hoped they’d someday find?

It came out of nowhere. One day she was taking tumbling lessons and admiring the cheer squad at the gym. The next she’s donning the uniform herself. Practicing on her own morning, afternoon and night. Watching videos about stretching and jumping, and improving her skills.

I can see a fire has ignited within her and I’m doing my best to help fan the flames with encouragement, and not unintentionally put it out.

I can’t help but wonder if this is another phase. We’ve been through gymnastics, dance, and tumbling. She’s concurrently doing art and piano. Is cheerleading just another hobby to add to her elementary resume? Or perhaps could this be something more?

Helping your child follow their passions. Parenting an all-star youth cheerleader level 1.

“Do your best” is one of my mantras. I hope that she’ll stay motivated, and I mean, let’s be real, this isn’t a cheap hobby.

“Have fun,” is another. And even more important. This is the age to explore interest and hobbies and who knows what this one will lead to… Skills for another sport at worst, an olympic medal (her goals, not mine) at best.

This is just the beginning. I mean, we’re barely a month into practices. Competitions start in October. There’s a long way to go. But right now, as I watch her eyes light up and see her determination take center stage, I feel so lucky to witness this awakening. And I can’t help but hope it’s here to stay.

Helping your child follow their passions. All-star youth cheerleader level 1.

Do you remember when I was pregnant with this kid? I mean, this is a little unbelievable. My little girl has been trading her princess dresses for protein shakes. And doing a little less dress-up and a little more drills. So, if you want to follow along on my daughter’s all-star cheer journey you can keep an eye on her Instagram profile (@CheerfulJayda). We’re trying to update it every day or two with her progress. And our YouTube vlog is quickly turning into a cheer mom/ cheer life theme. So if you’re into that check in for those videos once a week. I’ll still be here plugging away, doing my thing and supporting my boys as well. But overall I think things are about to start getting a bit more CHEERful around here.

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