Hi I’m Jennifer Borget! A journalist and blogger documenting my life while inspiring my children to make a difference and encouraging others to cherish every day.

interracial multiracial family photo

Capturing the moment is my passion, so you’ll be hard pressed to catch me without a camera in my possession. After working as a full-time journalist for over a decade, sharing stories from my community, I began sharing stories from my own life here on my blog. It’s turned from a hobby, to a passion to a career. Now I get to homeschool my children and cherish more of these fleeting moments while working along side them.

What started as a pre-pregnancy blog evolved into a baby blog, a millennial mommy blog, and now sits somewhere in the realm of a lifestyle family blog. I share stories and lessons we learn from our daily lives, photography and videography tips, and our family travel adventures. I also share our experiences as a multiracial family, and weigh in on important topics of inclusion and acceptance.

Cherish Every Day

I’ve created fun prompts and tutorials so that others can join in on building a legacy to leave behind for their future family. I’ll continue to develop these concepts with the hope others find the inspiration to cherish their daily lives and try to document through photographs, words, and other mediums. This time goes fast, lets preserve it!

Whether you want to share it online as well, set aside a personal hard copy, or both, you’ll be glad you took the time to make this journal.

Questions? Email me, or reach out to me on Facebook. Also, join our new #Cherish365 community. I’m always happy to chat.

If you like the blog, feel free to subscribe. To quickly catch up on my Baby Story (Pre-TTC and beyond) Check out my Baby-Makin Journey.

How to take a DSLR selfie: Self portrait photography ideas and ways to get in the picture with your kids. Remote DSLR tutorial.

As Seen On

I’ve since blogged parts of my journey for Conceive Magazine’s conception diaries, Parenting.com’s Project Pregnancy, Bravado Design’s Breastfeeding Diaries, and currently I share motherhood tips on Baby Center’s blog, Mom.me and TheStir, and write about raising biracial children on My Brown Baby and issues surrounding interracial marriage on The Huffington Post. The whole time I’ve documented the entire journey here on my personal blog.

In 2010 I was voted Best Fertility blog on The Bump and ranked #4 in Babbles “Top 10 Pregnancy Bloggers of 2010” and a Top 10 Baby Photo Blogger in 2013. Healthline also named Baby Making Machine a Top Pregnancy Blog in 2014 and 2015. Most recently I was named a Top 50 Mom Blogger by Mom.Me and The Root’s 10 Mom Bloggers You Should Know.

In 2011 my blog was featured on the Today Show. The Huffington Post and Mashable have also featured my parenting woes, and I’ve been a featured guest on Huffinton Post Live’s “Family Matters.”

For more information about hiring me for campaigns, freelance writing, advertising information, questions, or anything of that sort please visit: My contact page.

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