At first I was going to list the top 7 Disney movies I can’t wait for in 2017, because I love alliteration and that reminds me of alliteration. But there are only 8 movies coming out this year, and then I’d feel bad leaving that one movie off… So I’m narrowing it down to 5.

So drumroll please as I present…

Jennifer’s Most Awaited Disney Movies of 2017

Disneyland vs Walt Disney World: A quick comparison about the differences between the two theme parks.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


This #5 spot was really hard to decide. I’m on a Marvel kick right now and Thor is so sexy. But I just can’t keep up with what’s going on in all of the Marvel movies (I finally watched Civil War a few days ago… It was great!) I re-watched the original Pirates of the Caribbean a couple weeks ago and was blown away all over again. I need to catch up on all of the movies because I’m pretty sure I’ve missed one in the bunch. But I’m excited to see Johnny Depp return as Jack Sparrow in this movie set to come out May 26th!

4. Beauty and the Beast


I can hear the gasps around the world seeing this movie come in so low on my list. But I stand by my opinion that it’s just too soon to redo this classic from the 90s. Yes, I’m going to see it. But I still have the original Disney version memorized from my childhood and I was hoping I’d have another 10 years to fill that space with new animated classics. That said, the new trailer features Emma Watson singing so at least I know there will be music because I was SO SAD they didn’t have any in Cinderella. I mean come on, it’s Disney! It comes out March 17th.

3. Star Wars Episode VIII


Yes, I’m a Star Wars nerd. I mean, not as bad as some of my friends or family members. But New Star Wars movies get me so excited because it seems like the WORLD gets excited. Plus my mom always gets us tickets for the very first showing and I look forward to seeing it with them. I loved Rogue One but I LOVED The Force Awakens even more because I’m all for lightsabers and telekinesis. This soars into theaters December 15th.

2. Coco


I’ve been trying to get the scoop on this movie for a while. All I knew before was it would have something to do with Dia de Los Muertos but now that more hints are sneaking out about this film I’m getting even more excited. Coco is a Disney Pixar film coming out this November 22nd about a boy who wants to be a musician despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on music. I squealed thinking this could be Pixar’s first musical, but after doing a little digging, according to this article, Director Lee Unkrich ( director of Toy Story 3) says the film isn’t “a break-out-into-song musical,” but rather, one “set against the backdrop of musical performance.” Still, I can’t wait to see this with my kids.


And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… My most anticipated Disney movie of the year!

1. Cars 3


Ok ok ok, I’ll admit, when this movie was first announced I was like “REALLY? ANOTHER Cars movie?!” But then my son discovered Lightning McQueen. And now he’s OBSESSED. Like watched three times a day back-to-back obsessed. Has every die-cast Cars toy imaginable obsessed. Hates roller coasters but loves the Radiator Springs Racers obsessed. Doesn’t care about the Walt Disney World parks–just wants to see the cars at the Art of Animation Cars resort obsessed.


Disney World for preschoolers #DisneyKids

He loves the movie. Both movies actually, and kinda sadly because Cars 2 just was not great (though I’ll admit after hearing it for the 50th time it actually started to grow on me). He LOVES the movie. So I love the movie. And I can. not. wait. To take him to see this June 16th. My countdown is already set.

Honorable mentions:

Thor: Ragnarok (as said before–Thor is hot stuff. Out November 3rd ); Born in China (great for a homeschool lazy day mid-April on Earth Day); Moana the SINGALONG hitting theaters later this month (January 27th). I still haven’t seen Guardian of the Galaxy vol 1 so I have some catching up to do before I see volume 2, set to hit theaters May 5th.

Which movie are you most excited for?


Kristin says:

Yesssss so many goodies! Can’t wait to see Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy!

jennifer B says:

This is a great list! We can’t wait for Beauty and the Beast and Cars!!
jennifer B recently posted..New Year, New You with THRIVEMy Profile

Beauty and The Beast and Coco our on my “to watch” list. I will have to get the grandson over…I know he will love both of them.

Disney always has a great movie line-up. I’m most excited about Beauty and the Beast. I loved the animated version, and I think this one will definitely live up to it!
Lois Alter Mark recently posted..a reading list for a new year, part 1My Profile

Rebecca Bryant says:

I am over the moon thrilled about Beauty and The Beast and Pirates of the Caribbean. I am totally counting the days.

Catherine Sargent says:

These will all be great movies! I am so excited to see Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Mandy Carter says:

Great movie year ahead! I personally can’t wait for THor! He is even making his return on my birthday!
Mandy Carter recently posted..Out with the old in with the Ninja coffeeMy Profile

Star Traci says:

We are excited for all if these! The first Cars movie was the first film my son saw in the theatre so he is especially excited. I am, however, over the moon to see the live action Beauty and the Beast.
Star Traci recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Because Where Else?My Profile

Reesa Lewandowski says:

We just saw the coming attractions for cars 3 and it kept us in suspense!!! I am very excited to see Beauty & the Beast though!

Great sharing Jennifer!

My top priorities are Cars 3, Beauty and the Beast and Star Wars!

Can’t wait to watch them all!
Emily Barnett recently posted..Best Balance Bike for 2 Year Old (EXPERT BUYER’S GUIDE)My Profile

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