For my husband’s academy graduation I rented the beautiful Canon 135L lens to capture the special occasion. I took tons of photos, maybe around a hundred. I can’t tell you the exact amount because I lost all of them after my daughter knocked over my laptop of seven years, and it was not worth the price of repair. Then what do you know, the external hard drive I used as a backup crashed the same week.

The only photos from that event I have are web-sized versions I happened to send to my mother-in-law. Thankfully she hounded me for pictures or I wouldn’t even have those. Pictures from that event and a period of my daughter’s life are all gone, forever.

I’m generally not an obsessive-compulsive person, but that terrible experience triggered this fixation with backing up photos. I spent so much time researching multiple ways, to back up my photos. ALL of my photos. Including images from my iPhone, our iPads and most of all, my camera.

Last year I shared with you a way to backup and print all of your iPhone (and Android) photos for next to nothing. This time I’m going to share the ways I archive and my opinion of the best ways to backup photos and videos (you know how I love my videos!) so that you nor I will ever lose another cherished captured moment again.

Never lose your precious photos again! Here are three ways you need to be backing up your photos and videos. The easiest and best ways to save your memories.First let me explain why it’s SO important to organize your photos. It’s one thing to have a million photos backed up, but it’s an entirely different issue when there’s no rhyme or reason to how you have them saved. I could dedicate an entire post to this but let me just briefly explain how I organize mine.

Any time I import new photos I make a new folder with the event. That folder is saved inside a folder for events for that month, which a subfolder of the current year folder. For example I’d import Lil’ J’s ballet recital pictures which would be in Pictures à 2014 Pictures à August 2014 à Lil’ J’s Ballet Recital.

Then each picture in that folder is titled “Lil’ J’s Ballet Recital01, …02, ..03 etc. It makes it much easier when looking for specific images. Especially when you can’t remember the name of the event but have a general idea for when you took the photos. As I back my images up, I keep them organized the same way as often as possible.

Now here are some of the best ways to back up your photos.

The Cloud

I am a huge fan of web backups, especially if they can be automated. Like I explained here, I have all of my iPhone photos automatically backup to Google Plus in a private album (you don’t even need the app to be open for them to upload), then I print out the month’s worth of photos using Groovebook for $2.99 (free shipping). You can also upload images from your computer to Google Plus but I haven’t been doing this unless it’s a super important event I want to save because of the amount of images I take. Storing images and whatnot on Google Plus is free up to 15GB then you have to pay for more space.

iPhone-backup-tutorial_0021-copyAnother option for backing up large photos from your computer is using Flickr. Flicker is awesome for storing your photos and videos because you get a full TB of storage for free. Even I can’t imagine filling that up. However videos have a time limit of 3 minutes, so keep that in mind with your uploads. I haven’t been using their mobile app to backup my photos because my app had to be open in order for it to update, and I aint got time for that. But I love using it to back up my large photos from my computer. I try to log in once a month and upload my photo event folders for the month. Most of those albums I keep private, or select which photos I want to show publicly.

External Hard Drive

This is an obvious necessary backup. You never know when the Internet may fail you, so back up your stuff to another hard copy you can keep your hands on. I have a few Western Digital drives that I use to backup my entire Macbook Pro and iMac. I even connect it to my wireless router so it can backup both of my computers wirelessly and have less of an issue with plugging and unplugging it in, or it getting knocked off my lap when using my laptop (which I think is one of the reasons my previous one failed). I have two 500GB drives and a TB drive. Believe it or not my TB drive is full already because I was backing both of my computers up to it. I’ll probably do them each on separate drives from now on to conserve space, or upgrade to a 2TB drive. My plan is to keep one in my fireproof safe and update it every month in case of a fire (is my OCD showing again?).


This device is my latest backup endeavor and it’s the perfect addition to the methods I already have in place. In fact, if I had this first, I’d be tempted to skip my other two means all together.

The LyveHome is a wireless photo and video manager. It works in conjunction with the Lyve App that I have downloaded on my iPad mini, my iPhone and my iMac. So every time I take a photo on my phone, or upload a photo to my computer, it automatically pulls it over to the LyveHome and stores it as a backup. It has 2TB of storage so until I reach about a million photos, or an insane amount of videos, I won’t run out of space. (So far I’ve imported 14,038 photos and 617 videos and I’ve only used 4% of my storage). I love my external hard drives to backup EVERYTHING(all of my programs, documents, files, etc) but it’s nice to have a device specifically for our memories.

Lyve-Home-Review_0006-copyMy favorite aspect is seeing photos I take on my iPhone now automatically sent to my computer. My iCloud account has long since been full, so I had to manually sync my phone (which I rarely did) or search my Google Plus backup to find a pic I wanted to edit. Or just email it to myself. ANNOYING.

I can also view all of the images from my computer on my iPad or iPhone. When you reach storage capacity on your phone and get that dreaded warning, you can delete your photos and videos from your iphone library without worrying because you’ll have an extra copy already on your LyveHome and stored in your LyveApp. This also comes in handy when I want to show off a photo I took on my DSLR that I haven’t uploaded online yet. I can access the photos from my computer while I’m out.

Another little bonus is the cute clock it adds to my desk, and the fact that it scrolls through all of my old photos so I can feel a bit of nostalgia while I work.


Here are a few things worth noting:

-Although it has a touch screen, you can’t watch videos or delete photos/videos by toughing the LyveHome device, but you can through the app on any of your other devices. I was a little confused by this at first. You control it from the app, not the cube itself.

– It doesn’t import photos shot in RAW format. So if you are like me and don’t shoot in JPEG or RAW+JPEG, you’ll have to convert your images before they’ll be added to LyveHome. This will probably motivate me to hurry and edit all of the images I love so they’ll immediately be backed up in an additional spot, instead of just saving them to edit later.

-It scrolls through all the images, and right now the only way to “hide” them from being displayed on the LyveHome cube is by deleting the photo from your LyveApp. So those boudoir photos I wanted to save for myself but maybe not have my friends from church see when they come over… Umm, I’ll probably just stick to my alternate backup methods.


Overall, I love it for automatically syncing photos as I take them, and for peace of mind. I wish I had this back when my computer and hard drive crashed. It could have saved me a lot of heartache.

One of these will run you about $299. You can learn more by visiting their website.


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading about the best ways to backup your photos. Now here’s the fun part. I LOVE sharing ways to document and preserve your family legacy and you know I love feeling like Oprah. Lyve sent me an extra device to give away to one of my readers. To enter the giveaway just check out the video about LyveHome and let me know what you thought, and what memories you’re most excited to backup and why by leaving a comment. You have until August 28th EXTENDED TO SEPTEMBER 2ND to enter. I’ll randomly draw the winner using Entrants must be at least 18 years old and live in the United States. Good luck my friends!

*I’d like to give a huge thanks to Lyve for allowing me to review their product and give one away to one of my fabulous readers. I was sent the device to try for free, and compensated to include an honest review in my post. All opinions expressed are mine, ALL MINE!

winner 13 winner-13Winner Alert: Lucky #13: Trenton Robertson. If the winner fails to claim their prize an alternate will be chosen at random.

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Chie Saito says:

I'm excited to back up pictures I've taken of my daughter since birth. 18 months and hundreds of pictures later, I still don't have them adequately saved. Oops.

Ruth V. says:

Oh my goodness, I NEED this. I’m using an external hard drive but there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to my method and I’d be hard pressed to actually find anything I’ve saved. I’d specifically like to back up the photos from my son’s first year – I took monthly photos of him and just treasure them.

I also love that the photos are backed up automatically. I need this in my life. Great review!
Ruth V. recently posted..Enter to win all NEW items from Babyville Boutique! #Giveaway!My Profile

Nona C. says:

I am a picture taker. I want to be able to recall my memory of my children through my photos. I want to backup all of these summer vacations, first days of schools, last days of summers. They will always be my babies ~ in my photos!

Crystal Horne says:

I absolutely LOVE THIS!!!!
I take pics of EVERYTHING, and seeing that I’m getting married this October, I have pics of literally every aspect of the journey to becoming a MRS. Hopefully with this new Lyve I will be able to back up the thousands of pics I’ve already taken, and the thousand more to come….wedding day, anniversary, new home, birth of my first child…etc 🙂 super excited.

My goodness this is a lot of info. How do you find the time to back up photos? I've got to make time myself. I've got so many. I just hang on to the memory card and put them in a safe place. I never reuse them. I also have iCloud but it's full. I do have some images on google drive, but don't think it's private. I also have an external That I hope never crashes. I'd love to try this gadget.

Sarah says:

Ohmygoodness, this system looks amazing. I desperately need a more organized system to keep all of our photos, especially now that we have so many with HP and a new baby on the way. Thanks for sharing!
Sarah recently posted..Books latelyMy Profile

Lindsey G says:

This is one of those things that you didn’t KNOW you needed until you read about it! I am definitely trying to figure out how to safely save all my photos and haven’t really found an easy way, so I’d love to try this out!

Most of my pictures are of my girls – so those are the memories that I’d be saving!
Lindsey G recently posted..Get Ready for Back to School with YumEarth Organics Snacks [+ Giveaway!]My Profile

Ruth says:

Since my MacBook is 6 years old and starting to fail me in the storing of my photos, I need this cube to store all those thousands of pics of my babes 🙂 especially since my iPhone storage is nearly full again…. 😉

Jessica Thomas says:

I have thousands of pictures of my daughter as well as my and my husband's world travels. I've backed up to an external hard drive, but I don't do a good enough job of backing up consistently. Plus, I need to do better with organizing! I do well with Shutterfly and This Is Life, but not my computer!

Pia Davis says:

I am excited to chronicle my son's life! He is involved in so many wonderful organizations and activities, and I would like to document them all!!

Kristel says:

I have so many photos of my son that I need to back up properly. I just never seem to have the time to research all the options. This looks like it would work great!

Olivia Costello says:

Thank you for this post – very helpful! I’m most excited to back up photos of my 1 and 3 year old daughters that are taking up all my storage on my phone! I’m too scared to delete them since they are not properly backed up, and if my phone breaks I will die!!! Lol.

Trenton Robertson says:

Since having kids the number of photos we’ve taken have quadrupled. We’ve caught some of the most memorable moments on film. However, when our computer crashed we lost a chunk of images that most likely we will never see again. I’m excited to backup memories that will never happen again like a child’s first smile, crawl, and step.

Barbara Bice says:

I need to back up what we have now, September 4th 2011, we lost our home and my grandparents to the tragic Bastrop Texas wildfire. Bastrop County Wildfire Historical Project
We were never the family to handout pictures and barely remembered to email them. The few best friends I did give them to lost their homes as well. The fire turned everything to dust. Nothing was spared. I more than most know the feeling of needing a back up. Even everything in the fire safe was burned. Thankfully facebook had some memories, however my children born before facebook have no photos to give their children. We are rebuilding that photo collection now and need more than ever to have a back up pls. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

Lisa Peugh Anderson says:

What a cool product and a great giveaway. I am excited to back up the photos of my kids. Then I can begin to scan and backup the pictures that my mom has of my brothers and I.

Barbara Bice says:

I need to back up what we have now, September 4th 2011, we lost our home and my grandparents to the tragic Bastrop Texas wildfire. Bastrop County Wildfire Historical Project
We were never the family to handout pictures and barely remembered to email them. The few best friends I did give them to lost their homes as well. The fire turned everything to dust. Nothing was spared. I more than most know the feeling of needing a back up. Even everything in the fire safe was burned. Thankfully facebook had some memories, however my children born before facebook have no photos to give their children. We are rebuilding that photo collection now and need more than ever to have a back up. Thank you for the opportunity in the drawing.

Gidget Saballos says:

Hi. My kids priceless pictures!

Carol Kim says:

The memories I would like to back up would be my baby girl. I want to document every stage of her life and not worry about losing photos/videos 🙂

Felecia says:

I’m most excited about backing up all the “precious” moments that I capture of my little Olivia. She’s nearly 4.5 yrs old and the time just goes by so fast. I love looking back at pics of her first Halloween, Christmas, Christening and ballet recital. It’s sometimes hard to believe that she was ever that small. Everyday she’s becoming more independent, more inquisitive, more of a beautiful and ambitious young lady. She’s my heart’s desire and my greatest joy! I simply cannot imagine life without her. Pictures help bridge the gaps in memory and creates the visual legacy of life.


Mallorie Hurlbert says:

I am excited to back up all my children's photos! When my son was still small we accidentally deleted the video of his first weird. Heart breaking!

Mallorie Hurlbert says:

First word! Not weird 🙂

As a mom of four under six, there are far too many moments quickly slipping away and I don’t want to lose any of the memories captured in photos. This is such a cool way to preserve them!

Michelle Swetland says:

I badly want one! My husband and I were talking about the best ways to store our photos. We had been backing our photos to an external but it’s so hard to sit and do it with 2 little ones and apparently if things were to crash we would lose all of our images for the past 9 months! I’m so glad you wrote this review, I didn’t know there was a product that could automatically download all our pics and vids in a cute box presentation. I hope I win! Thank you!

Courtney Watterson Rice says:

Thanks for this post, it was so helpful. My computer just got a virus and died and I hadn't been backing my photos up with ANYTHING!!! Luckily a computer guy was able to back up my files on an external hard drive, but I definitely need to have a better system going forward. This Lyve would most certainly help! I'm excited to back up all my pictures from my 3 year old daughter and 10 month old sons lives up to this point. I've gone through 3 computers since having my daughter, and once the first one dies (it's on its death bed already), all those photos on there will die with it. I need to have something like Lyve to keep me organized, and most of all, keep my photos for years to come!

Courtney says:

Thanks for this post, it was so helpful. My computer just got a virus and died and I hadn’t been backing my photos up with ANYTHING!!! Luckily a computer guy was able to back up my files on an external hard drive, but I definitely need to have a better system going forward. This Lyve would most certainly help! I’m excited to back up all my pictures from my 3 year old daughter and 10 month old sons lives up to this point. I’ve gone through 3 computers since having my daughter, and once the first one dies (it’s on its death bed already), all those photos on there will die with it. I need to have something like Lyve to keep me organized, and most of all, keep my photos for years to come!

sam ellis says:

Hi there,

I would LOVE LOVE one of these. I lost 10 000 photos on my iPhone cos I hadn’t backed them up… can you believe that ? This would be perfect for me…..

Marlena Lewandowski says:

I was backing up digital memories yesterday and thinking I need something like this!! I want to back up pictures of the kids (one here and one on the way!!).

Brittany says:

This idea is wonderful, and I’d love to use it to share photos from my family since I’m away from home. I miss them and sometimes not all events make it to Facebook/my inbox, so this might be a nice solution. 🙂

Christina Rogers says:

I almost lost ask or pictures once and it was so scary! I would love to preserve all the day to day memories that my children do.

Would love to win so we can back up all the memories after our new baby is born in the next few weeks!

Megan Loop says:

I currently use the cloud to backup my photos, but I have been loking at external devices, as well, so this is helpful. I’m currently working on scanning all our old photos before they were digital and my next plan is to get an external device like this. You can tell I am paranoid about preserving my memories! I’d love to win this!

Anica says:

I would be so excited to use this to back up pictures of our first born daughter. I only take like a kabillion pictures of her this would be wonderful to store and display pictures our little piece of heaven.

AmyRyb says:

I’ve actually been pretty good about filing my photos and backing them up…though I go old school and use CDs/DVDs. I group mine by season (so, basically four folders per year) and generally have an idea of what’s where. They’re on my laptop, and I make sure to copy them to my desktop (which I almost never use, it is in essence an external drive these days!), and copy them onto a DVD to store away in a CD storage case (one of the soft binders). I, too, think about the fire thing, and I know I should have a better plan for that. This Lyve thing would go a long way to helping with that, I’d think! I love documenting my kids’ lives and all of the adventures we go on, and would hate to see any of that lost.

Paula says:

Oh I’d love one of these! Kids photos and the tons of photos I’ve scanned for ages!

Hi sweet Jennifer oh how I love your blog and all of your posts. My favorite posts are the ones that help me to learn how to document the precious and priceless memories for my family. I would love to learn how to archive better. I have over 3,000 photos of our firstborn now, but they are far from being organized at all! Anyway, I am desperately trying to help us by doing a better job by making sure that I backup our photos. Our wedding and honeymoon photos became lost forever when out cars were broken into and the robber stole all of my husband work computer equipment along with the external backup hard drives that had all of our photos on them. My husband was so devastated that those photos were lost forever. Since then I have been taking as many pictures as I can to try to make up for the loss. I found some of our wedding pictures and honeymoon in my email and old Facebook photos but they were only a few. The giveaway will continue to help me to stay on top of backing up our photos and organizing them to be saved adequately to always have our memories in a safe place. Thanks so much for sharing about LvyeHome, I have never heard of it. It is an awesome product! Be blessed=)

I love you, Scott ! <3

Thank you, Shashi , & I love you, as well

… Andddddddddd back to focusing on Stacy-Ann !

Thanks so much guys. Scott L. Fredricks, yea I know the icloud is private. I was referring to Google +. I've been too lazy to change the settings to private haha. Thanks for the tips. My external hard drive is 1 tb. I totally agree with you about gb – totally not worth it.

You are ( aside from sweet & lovely ) welcome, Stacy-Ann !

thats a good Comment of yours, Scott , at the top, & very nice things you said about her !

Kailee Robertson says:

Thank you so much for this wonderful post. I also lost irreplaceable pictures and movies when my computer hard drive crashed. Never again will I let that happen! I’m always looking for efficient and reliable ways to back-up my stuff. I take a ton of pictures of the kids and will be devastated if I lose any more.

Danielle craig says:

What a great product!!!! I need something to organize and store my countless iPhone videos!!!!

KrisO says:

I’m one of those that NEED to back up like yesterday!! I would love to have one of these. I’m terrified something will happen to what I have. I have thousands and thousands of memories on my computer. :/

Betiqua Cuspert says:

Actually I feel like this coming school year is a big step in my little family’s lives and I look forward to documenting our year. Its a big year because I’m starting college for the first time ever! Its been 10 years since I graduated high school so I am beyond nervous. Since I’m going to school my son who is 2 but will be 3 in Nov. is going to be going to pre-school too. He have never been in that type of environment, so I’m nervous and excited for the both of us. I wonder how we will do?

jessica says:

I honestly, hands down, no joke need this back up device. I am a mom, blogger, and designer…I take a ton of photos and I have to rely on using my husbands computer or memory stick as a method to back up ALL my photos, which sucks because he is on his computer 24/7. I would love to have this product so that I can be more organized and clear up space on electronic devices.
jessica recently posted..The Pro’s and Con’s to a Painted RugMy Profile

Utilizing a proxy to avoid internet blocks

Kelster says:

I take a ton of pictures of various recipes that I create or test. I’d really hate to lose those.

kristen duke says:

Ha! The budoir photos…I love it!
kristen duke recently posted..Family Photo AlbumMy Profile

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cracks in foundation recently posted..cracks in foundationMy Profile

Rita Christensen says:

I’m excited to backup every memory since my children were born. I like to take pictures, but I’m not wonderful at storing them in more than one or two ways. I had them all neatly organized by date and such in iphoto and then one day it crashed…just like that. And I wasn’t able to restore ANY of the pictures. Years and years of beautiful pictures…wah! I never want that to happen again…not only all the beautiful memories lost, but all that time it took me to upload, sort, and save, all gone!

Nichole says:

I want to get a better system in place, especially for my kid photos! My youngest is 15 weeks old and I don’t think I’ve backed up a single picture since her birth! Yikes! (And I’m going to go knock on wood that nothing happens to them before I win this! :0 )

Lori P. says:

I have so many pictures of my son on my iPhone, that I would like to back them up someplace safe

Jennifer W says:

I really need to backup my photos…right now they are all on my work computer. Probably not the smartest place. 🙂
Jennifer W recently posted..There She GrowsMy Profile

Iiona V says:

I’ve already started the automatic backup through google+ but so need a way to back up my pictures from my mac in an automatic way without having to do much thinking.

I got serious about it when something happened to my iPhoto app on my mac and thought I lost over 30,000+ pictures. I think I cried for days until I got in to see someone at the Apple store.

Anyways, thanks for the opportunity!

AC says:

Like most of us parents, looking forward to trying to find an easy solution to back up the memories of my children as they have grown over the last 8 years.

Adrienne gordon says:

I back up my data online, but I like the secondary option.

Brittani Price says:

This looks so neat! I could totally use one of these. I take so many pictures and run out of memory quite fast!

nickie says:

What a awesome product and a great giveaway. I am excited to back up the photos of my family.

Michelle Weaver says:

I love that this stores all your pictures in one place! Mine are scattered across so many devices and then actual photos printed out also. I would love to store photos from our wedding and kids on there.

Charlene Drake says:

We all say we are going to backup our computers, but we never seem to get it done. I have tons of “old” photos that I need to scan and this would be a great product to use and then “finally” backup all my photos and videos, and it looks very easy to use.

I especially want to save all the photos from friends and family who are no longer on this Earth.

I love this device! It’s so fun that it not only doubles as external storage but is also a digital photo frame!

I have years worth of photos that need to be backed up but I am most wanting to protect the photos from the last three years since my daughter was born. I would be so, so sad if anything happened to all of them!
Alicia @ Felt With Love Designs recently posted..Spock Deskmate (+Free Pattern!)My Profile

Emily Smith says:

I love that it is storage and a digital frame. I’m looking forward to backing up ALL of my photos. I lost a lot of photos a few years ago when my computer crashed. I kept meaning to use an external hard drive for back up, but just never got around to it. I sure learned my lesson. I lost thousands of pictures of my family including newborn photos of my three sons.

ellen casper says:

I love that this can interact with so many different devices. I’d love to back up all my families vacation photos and be able to view them for great memories

Excited to see who the winner ends up being! 🙂
Sara Anderson recently posted..Finished ProjectsMy Profile

Abeni Lee says:

It is a time efficient way to back up my most precious moments. I take pictures of every first, new moment, and priceless memory. It’s a great device can’t wait to see how it works. 🙂

Eric R says:

I would love to give this to my sister as she loves taking photos of her life and is always worried about backing them up.

1stopmom says:

I am excited to just be able to back up our pictures period. Whenever I am out and about I am always snapping my camera. I just put off backing them up. I have lost tons of pictures because of this. It would be great to display them as well.
1stopmom recently posted..Orkin Back To School Prize Pack GiveawayMy Profile

Leah Sannar says:

Girl – this is your best giveaway YET!! I bookmarked this post when I saw it come over Facebook because I’m really struggling to figure out the best way to pull my stuff off my iPhone so I can make more room! Definitely taking care of this today. Need to do it before I lose anything! I too, have been a victim of a failed laptop and I lost TONS of old pictures.. I was devastated. 🙁

Watched the video of LyveHome and LOVE IT! I am totally doing this. I can’t wait to see if I’m the lucky winner of your giveaway. :o)
Leah Sannar recently posted..When Fear & Anxiety Takes Over…My Profile

Raki A says:

Great, sentimental and so realistic video! It’s funny that in our busy lives, we hardly get time for anything but accidentally bumping in old photos somehow always stop us and take us down the memory lane. I’m excited about saving pics of my family.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Raki A says:

Thanks for the giveaway!
Great, sentimental and so realistic video! It’s funny that in our busy lives, we hardly get time for anything but accidentally bumping in old photos somehow always stop us and take us down the memory lane. I’m excited about saving pics of my family.

Angela Cash says:

LyveHome looks like the ideal solution for consolidating all of my digital photos. I currently have 10 or 12 years worth of pics stored on various devices, including my tablet, laptop, phone, and 2 smaller external drives. It would be amazing to be able to access all of them in one location.

kayejaye says:

Thanks so much for these helpful tips! I am a busy mom (aren’t we all) and I am famous for taking pics but never accessing them/sending them to family. I would love a device to simplify my photo storage and make taking pics easier (at this point I have to delete a pic to have room to take a new pic). My desire is to document my girls’ sisterhood in an organized way!

jenn giannetto says:

i am a mom and would love to preserve memories of my two little boys. a couple of months ago a lightning storm fried my computer and i lost a lot of great videos and pictures so it would be nice to have a backup this time

Edmond says:

OMG, have to have keep memories of my nephew & niece in rehersal, school play, at home, etc. They grow up so fast. . Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity. Dear Santa: I have been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest.

Kelly D says:

I like that Lyve could help store all my photos to keep them from getting lost or ruined and help me to easily display them.

Brian Kautz says:

I’d love to backup all the pictures from my latest trips

robyn donnelly says:

I would love to have something like this to backup all the great memories I have of growing up, my kids, family, friends, etc. I would also like that this keeps everything in one place and not all over the place like I have them now.

jennifer dunkelmann hon says:

I would love to be able to have all my photos backed up on one device.

Thanks for these tips on backing up previous memories! I definitely need to develop a better system for doing this. I am due with my first baby in December, and I am anticipating that the number of photos we take is going to DRASTICALLY increase soon! I’d love to have a system like Lyve to help simplify and streamline my ability to make sure all my family’s memories are protected. Thanks again for your tips and information on this product!

velder dixon says:

i love to be able to back up videos and see

Sandra Dupal says:

Live the sound of this! I take pictures every day in some form. Have 3 kids so there are a ton of things n events I want to always remember. I have my current pictures saved similar to yours so at least it sounds like I am doing something right. Lol

Carole Resnick says:

I have lots of pictures that need backing-up.

Jessica Padilla says:

LYVE would make that part of my life so much easier. From click to presentation. just the perfect way to make sure the memory’s don’t get lost. I most excited to backup all my sons baby pictures.

Tina says:

I think I’d like to preserve photos of my grandparents and greatgrandparents. I love them and know that for those still living we only have a limited time left.

Wao this product is amazing!, I saw the video and was shock like how easy everything look!!. I have a lot of pictures, what I do right now is download them to FB and keep them for “only me”. But I think this is so much better and secure 😀
Jessibeth Vicenty recently posted..FoxBrim – ReseñaMy Profile

Jackie Yates says:

First off, I really think this is a cool device…I’m always taking pics and am always saddened when I run out of space on my phone (which IS always lol). This device would save me from that!

I especially love taking video of my baby boy. His grandmother lives in Canada, so I send her videos all the time! My DS was a preemie, so i cherish every pic and video of him.

BTW, love this blog! Very inspiring 🙂

Cynthia says:

What an awesome idea. I’m always taking pictures of my family but I am definitely wanting to save the many, many, many pictures of my princess dancing and doing gymnastics. I cannot seem to take enough pictures of her in her super cute outfits. I love to see her try new things so I am sure other extracurricular activities will be added as she grows.
Cynthia recently posted..Dance Camp ProgressMy Profile

Jill Myrick says:

I love the idea behind this. I like the face that I can easily copy and save my photos and choose to display them on my television, tablet and phone. I also love that this device allows me plenty of storage without the threat of losing photos of my babies.
I would use this to copy photos of my children throughout the years from birth till now and also to save photos of my family members that are no longer with us.


Angela P says:

I think this is an amazing idea. As someone who has personally lost a ton of irreplaceable photos and videos of my kids as babies.. I can attest to how important it is to back up everything. This device is perfect.

joe gersch says:

i liked that it seeemed so easy to load the photos

Erica B. says:

I just love that it’s easy to load the photos.

Nicole says:

So cool! I would love to use this. I always feel like backing up my photos is a chore, which is why I don’t do it as often as I should. This sounds so easy – now I can rest easy that the pictures of my kids as they grow (first day of kindergarten yesterday!) are preserved.

marian boll says:

What a great prize to win before our wedding ann trip to Ireland!!! Yes yes please accept my entrance.

michelle brooks says:

This would be excellent for backing up our family photos. Easy to use too, so I’m sure to jump right on using this.

soha molina says:

I think this is a great idea. I always wonder about all the potos on the pcs and what happens if they get lost. I wanna treasure every moment of my daughter’s life.

Arena Thompson says:

I’d be excited to have both a backup and a way to display the photos that aren’t just stuck in a photo album somewhere 🙂 What a great idea!

nikolas alexander says:

Have a lot of pic from a family reunion. first time whole family was together in 15 years.

nikolas alexander says:

great giveaway. take a ton of pics of family. Have tons of jump drive and sd cards.

Denise Donaldson says:

I am excited to use this to get save pics and videos from my daughter, niece and nephew. They are getting older now, and not my babies anymore. I want to get a lot of pics of them to embarrass them when they get older lol


I thought the video was great and illustrates what it can do. I like it as it makes it easy to keep up with photos and organize them. Would like to backup birthday parties, vacations, cookout and other outdoor and indoor pics.

Stephanie Galbraith says:

I thought the video was informative. I’d like to save all the pics of my kids and share them with my family and friends.

Jeanna Wise says:

I take a lot of videos this would be awesome!

MARIA simon says:

I swear I could be a photographer…I love taking pictures of everything from sporting events..i love taking pictures and I would love something to help me to make sure they are safe and I can keep for years. thank you

Sand says:

I love it. I would like to save pictures of my family and friends.

Tim says:

I like that you can instantly upload pictures and save them. If I wait too long sometimes they get lost in the shuffle. I would love to put all of our families photos in a safe place.

Jacqueline Cooke says:

I would love to back up all the photos and videos of our son Jonathan. He was born 9 weeks early and spent weeks in the NICU. I started documenting his journey from day one. I have tons of pictures and videos but I don’t really have a good back-up method to store them. LyveHome would be perfect! I hope to win! :))

I’d definitely back up pictures of my kids. I’d be devastated to lose them.

Brooke Hochstein says:

What a nice gadget! We move so often, I’m always nervous my computer will be damaged and all the photo memories lost! How cool for you to get one for free to review. Love your blog!

Keiawnna Pitts says:

Ok I need one of these devices. I would love to back up my labor and delivery photos and videos. I didn’t get to capture my oldest childs birth so I don’t remember what it was like. I would be so heartbroken if i were to lose the videos of my other two. I think my husband would be too if we had to do it all again so I could recapture those memories.

Kevyn Kellogg says:

Thanks for sharing this Jenn! We have been looking for a solution like this. I literally have over 1600 photos of Parker and she’s not even 9 months old yet! The problem is they are all scattered on different computers, iPads and phones… I would love a device like this to keep them all together and actually display them and print them!!

Tronesia says:

Sounds like a neat device and another way to keep my photos backed up. Thanks for sharing! I would love to keep the photos on my phone backed up since those are the ones I have the most trouble remembering to backup.

Gabby Del Toro says:

So neat!! I’d love to have that. And far and away the things I’d be dying to display are pictures of my kids. They grow so fast, sometimes I forget the faces and fun they’ve had. I love looking back at their older pictures and this would be awesome!

Like you’ve I’ve lost some photos. It really breaks my heart to know those are gone forever. So now I back up to a billion places but having this would make the back up and accessibility so much easier! I’d be backing up all the photos I take- especially the ones of my son!
From Mrs to Mom recently posted..Momtography MondayMy Profile

Ulovettfox says:

Wow, this sounds amazing! I’d love to have a method of backing up just my photos and videos. I really love the fact that it cycles through the photos on the display screen too.

Tierra jackson says:

Perfect for displaying pictures for my kids of family members that live in other states that they don’t get to see often

Candace says:

This is absolutely perfect! as I’ve just mastered an organizing method to saving and backing up my photos through Lightroom. I’m working on a 52 week project to celebrate Chunks turning 5 and of course his birth photos are files I couldn’t not bare to lose.
Candace recently posted..Weekly AmbitionsMy Profile

I would love to back up all my crochet photos. I have gone through the whole everything had crashed scenario and I believe I was sick for about a week because of all the pictures that were lost.

Sara Anderson says:

Excited for this contest to end tomorrow! 🙂

Sara Anderson says:

I’m so impatient! And of course I’d love to win. 😛 It would make backing up photos Sooo easy! 🙂

Payal says:


My name is Payal and I’m from India.

I have a query, it would be great if u could help me with that.

Would like to know if I could create folders and sub folders in Flickr

Taking your Example –

Any time I import new photos I make a new folder with the event. That folder is saved inside a folder for events for that month, which a subfolder of the current year folder. For example I’d import Lil’ J’s ballet recital pictures which would be in Pictures à 2014 Pictures à August 2014 à Lil’ J’s Ballet Recital.

Can create these type of folders in Flickr? If so, could u pls tell me how to do it?

Many Thanks

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brain that how a user can know it. So that’s why this article is amazing.

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Sajani Mallik says:

Hhhiiii plllzzz help me bcz I lost my photos so I want before 8th month photos.can u help me pllzz very very urgent pllzzz

Naaz says:

Plz I need 15mnth before pictures

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