Christmas time has been my favorite time of year as long as I can remember. Now seeing the holiday through my children’s eyes brings all the fun I remember as a child back to life. We do Santa in our house.  I’m hoping to take my kids to see him today. I know Miss J will be over the moon excited to chat with him but I’m also just as sure Big T will probably cry the moment he settles on his lap. It’s not personal Santa, Big T is just a big Mama’s boy.

The jolly old fellow is a very loved man with the rest of us though. … And while of course we teach the true meaning of Christmas and celebrate Christ’s birthday, we also enjoy the magic of the season.

I haven’t done a ton of decorating this year, but I hope to score big after Christmas and get a nice stockpile going for next year. I wanted to buy a new tree after Christmas but when we unpacked this one I could only find half of the tree stand, so I bought another. I bought a bunch of extra lights for when I found the other half of the tree stand, so I could make a “white light tree” but turns out I just just re-found the half I already had. *sigh*

At least the lights made for cute photos.

Christmas-Lights_0072-copyIn case you wanted to know the settings of this photo: I used my Canon 5D Mark ii, 100mm 2.8L Lens at f/2.8, ISO 3200, shutter 1/250.

It’s Big T’s first Christmas and Lil’ J is totally into it. All she’s asked for is a play kitchen (with pretend cookies), and a sail boat (what the heck?!). She says she doesn’t want a bike, which I was excited to surprise her with, but I guess we’ll hold off til’ her birthday.

Santa is bringing Big T an awesome walker toy for Christmas.

The gift I’m getting is the chance to spend Christmas with my little family, with all of us off of work for the entire day.

Here’s a peek at the magic and memories we’re making at our house. Promise you’ll love it.

Notice the nativity rearranged? No matter how many times I set it up in order, Lil’ J puts everyone in the manger, and sets Jesus’ little hay bed up where the sheep is suppose to go. Also, Baby Jesus has gone missing after she decided to carry him around for a while. Hopefully he’ll turn up before Christmas.

Do you mix magic and real meaning at your house?

siblings in christmas lightsAs I celebrate the Christmas, I’ll be sharing some of our experiences in a holiday series sponsored by Hallmark. This video features a North Pole Communicator and North Pole Magic Mail, as well as keepsake ornaments I purchased and others I received as gifts.

hallmark life is a special occasion

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Mari Corona says:

Always love the pics 🙂

Baby Making Mama says:

Thank you 🙂

Sharon says:

This was such a beautiful video. Lil J is such a beautiful young lady. You are doing such a great job raising her and your son. You’re making sure that they both know what the true meaning of the holiday is.

Baby Making Mama says:

Thanks so much Sharon! It’s been fun explaining the true meaning of Christmas and mixing the magic of it all in (because we love it!). Sometimes there is confusion “is it Santa’s birthday?” … But we explain why Santa brings gifts to represent there gifts that were brought for Christ. So far she seems to be soaking it all in and understanding it better than we expected.

jessica says:

That was sooooooo CUTE! I just love your blog…your so creative!
jessica recently posted..Homemade Laundry DetergentMy Profile

Baby Making Mama says:

You’re so sweet Jessica. Thank you so much!

Jennifer Jean says:

I needed this video today. SO cute. I love the kiss at the end where he wipes it off. lol

I’m a teacher and overheard some 1st graders arguing. One said that Jesus’ Birthday was Easter. Another kid said “No! Jesus’ birthday is Christmas…God’s Birthday is Easter.” oh boy

My 6 year old likes putting the animals in the stable and leaving all the people outside in a a circle around Jesus.

Jacquie says:

First and foremost, your kids are soooo stinking cute! I mean really? Truly blessed! Second we absolutely mix the magic and the real reason. They are only kids for so long and this momma is determined to make sure they enjoy moment of it!

ZJ Kimberlt says:

Wow, your little boy got big so quickly and he is adorable. This post was such a lovely way to start the holiday season 🙂 my daughter loved the video. I had called your son, a little man in the video. now my daughter refers to the video as little man, and wants to watch it over and over.

Moonsparkle says:

Cute video! It was sweet. 🙂
Moonsparkle recently posted..Weekly Music VideoMy Profile

toi says:

love making memories for our children and you are a doctor in this 🙂
toi recently posted..My Toddler Sings Away in a MangerMy Profile

alex says:

amazing! These beautiful photos :d

Example says:

Keep on working, great job!

Stop byy my homepage; Example
Example recently posted..ExampleMy Profile

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