Dear LadyBug,

It’s a little hard to believe, but we are now officially 8 months along. Every day I’m preparing for your arrival. Whether thinking about your birth day, organizing your room, or getting my rest now, it’s all in preparation for you!
This week we made a milestone together… I felt your hiccups for the first time. I told your daddy to come feel them and he thought you were kicking. I told him I knew it was the hiccups because it was rhythmic and soft.
Some people say their baby’s hiccups were uncomfortable but yours didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I’ve felt them every day since and been so excited every time I feel them. I can feel what I think is your head jumping, and it feels lower than your feet so I think you’re head down again! Or head sideways, I’m not sure. You really move a lot and I sometimes feel like you’re just doing somersaults in there!
Every day I feel a little more anxious and way more excited about meeting you. There’s so many little things I still want to get done, but mostly they’re things I’m creating for myself to pass the time quicker before we meet.
I’ve also been thinking SO MUCH about the labor process lately that I’m starting to wonder if I’m over thinking it. The last thing I want to do is set myself up for disappointment and that take away from us meeting each other, but at the same time, I think knowledge is power, and your daddy and I will keep a good perspective on things, and we’ll all be just fine.

I do sort of have a daily “to do” routine though. I listen to labor hypnosis and/or pregnancy affirmations in the morning while I also play a BabyPlus lesson for you. Then I try to write in my pregnancy journal as well. In the afternoon or evening after work I’ll read some information in my Lamaze books about childbirth while you listen to another BabyPlus lesson, then your daddy and I practice the techniques we’ve learned in Lamaze class. It’s crazy that it’s so much stuff all leading up to just one day! It had better be good!

I am enjoying the fun stuff about preparing for that day. Making labor playlists, packing our hospital bag. I already have your “coming home” outfit packed, with matching socks and a hairbow!

I’m starting to get soooo much more tired, so exhausted, and walking really hurts my feet by the end of the night (they’re swollen again). I still sleep really well though, partly cause I have a freaking awesome pregnancy pillow. I’m just getting up more to go to the bathroom.

I go to the doctor again on Tuesday and I’m excited to see if I’m still gaining weight. I’m sure I am because I feel bigger every day. You weigh about 3.75 pounds now and are gaining about half a pound a week right now, and you’ll gain about a third of your total weight these next 7 weeks! You have toe nails, fingernails (which by the way according to that movie Juno, I thought you had at like six weeks) and hair! I hope you have lots of hair when you’re born!Every day I think to myself and say to you dad: “Can you believe we’re going to have a baby in a matter of WEEKS?” I don’t think it’s REALLY sunk in for either of us, but I know we’re so excited or what’s ahead.

Happy eight months my little princess, keep growing strong for us!




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sarah says:

Oh you’re sooo close! I remember the anticipation!

YUMMama says:

Yes, time is going to fly by so fast now. Get all the rest you can.

Wow! How did that happen. It feels like you just announced it last week! I hope my pregnancy seems that quick.

Bethany says:

When I was 8 months prego, I remember just feeling so anxious and ready to pop. All I wanted to do was hold her in my arms and look at her little face! But, take advantage of this time you have to not be mommy because everything changes after birth.
My baby ALWAYS had hiccups, after awhile it drove me absolutely insane haha. It always felt like she was having a spasm. Now? She gets hiccups all the time!

Julia says:

you are almost there!! so exciting to watch you thru this process!

Angie says:

Wow! It’s gone by so fast! Can’t wait till the big day when we all finally get to meet her 🙂

Chantel says:

Yes..Rest! It’s going to go by so fast now. In my final weeks of pregnancy with my first I enjoyed my last bubble bath without kids poking their fingers under the door and saying, “Mommy, what you doing?” and had a date night with my hubby without the need for a babysitter. It was nice.

awww im excited for you!!!

Maria says:

My son got the hiccups all the time and I loved it. Weird I guess. For BOTH of my kids, it didn’t really sink in until I was holding them!

Momma Stuff says:

Many congrats on making it this far, you are in the home stretch now. Don’t stress and don’t plan too much; your labour will be unique for you, but it won’t matter because the end result will be the arrival of your little bean.
Amber 🙂

Congrats on the 8month mark. I am at 34 weeks this week, and so exhausted it’s not even funny. Glad you are still sleeping well, thats a big positive.
As for the labor process, when it happens, you’ll be calmer than you think, and just remember to take it one step at a time. You’ll do great!!!
You look fabulous by the way.

Wow! How did that happen. It feels like you just announced it last week! I hope my pregnancy seems that quick.

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