Miss the other parts of my 400th follower giveaway this week?
These are still going on!
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 5

Ok my friends. My 400th follower giveaway posts are coming to an end. I hope you don’t mind but after this one I’m going back to my normal scheme of posting 🙂 I’ll still have a giveaway or two now and then but it probably won’t be this size again for a while. We’ll see! Did you like it?! I hope so! And new readers… I hope you’ll stick around.

But guess what?! This giveaway has been such a hit some sponsors want to offer you even more chances to win! If you didn’t win an actual prize (YET–Cause remember, there’s still time on 4 other of my giveaways), it’s ok cause you can still get something from these shops and get a discount!

Janiexy (remember, she make the cute plushy animals!) is offering a 20% discount to my readers if they mention “Baby Makin Machine” in their note to seller from July 11-July 30.

Suzie’s Armoire (who has the beautiful bookmarks) is giving a 15% discount to anyone that orders and puts BABY in the note to seller–She’ll refund through PayPal

Sweetirie (who has the cute wrist key chains) is giving my readers a 10% off coupon, which never expires. Use code SAVE10 at checkout to receive discount; it will be automatically deducted from your total!

Meghan Designs (who sponsored the adorable checkbook cover and business card holder) Says my reads will receive 10% off EVERYTHING in shop when you type “BMM10%” in the message to seller box at checkout. (10% refund after purchase through paypal)

Glow Baby (who sponsored the key to staying organized-Baby’s First Journal) is also giving a discount to my readers 15% off until the end of July! Just use the discount code BabyMakinMachin.

ModMomMe (who has the cute diaper bag/ dog bag key chains) is offering FREE SHIPPING until 8PM ETS tonight!

A big thank you to ALL of the sponsors! And congrats to the winners… Giveaway Day 1 ends Monday, Day 2 ends Tuesday Day 3 ends Wednesday and Day 5 ends Friday.. So there’s still more time to enter those and WIN if you’re just stopping by!

I know there are probably a couple more discounts I’m missing so I’ll add those as I get them!

Kelsey says:

I just found your blog through SITS and I had to tell you that it is Adorable!! Such a cute concept and amazing layout.

Amy says:

I love this blog, it’s so cure and is coming in really handy now, and I know it will come in even more handy when we’re ready to enter into parent hood…GREAT job…I’m definitely following you!!!

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